19 Things I Want Before I Die or Age Yep Old Age Is Crazy

There is still no fee charged on dreaming so today I decided to compile 19 things I would like to do before I die, some realistic and some seem undo-able. 19 because, I was born on the 19th day of August in 1988 and well I love to celebrate my birthday  by putting out content.

Mcpotar Bucket List

  1. Doing A TED Talk

Since 2014 I have been a fan of TED Talks. TED is a platform where experts share ideas in front of an audience. The organization does also allow people to hold talks known as TEDx Talks as well and they are endorsed and branded by them.  I will probably start out with a TEDx when I get the opportunity. I have so many ideas to share out there and I know TED has the audience I need.

TED Talks

  1. Do A Song With Upmost

I’ve wanted to do a song with Upmost like forever, and I know many of you may not know him at all because he’s been pretty Low Key, but if you happen to know the Even More Swaggery Lil Boys (EMSLB) from Zambezi news, he plays the A Lil Angry character. Upmost on his non parody tip is actually one the emcees that had an influence on the direction I took as an artiste when I was on the come up.

  1. Publish A Fiction Novel

I am a few chapters away from completing my first novel. In the past I’ve done poetry anthologies for free downloads but writing fiction really takes so  much energy and commitment. I have been procrastinating the ending of this one but may God give me strength to have it out one day. Eventually. There is o much I am fixing in it so yeah.


  1. Win A NAMA Award

Since I do a lot in the arts industry it;s pretty hard to pin point which area exactly i want an award. I guess I have to make a decision however and focus my efforts on the artform I finally receive a NAMA award for. Definitely I must go to the grave with at least one.


  1. Make It To A Good List

In as much as i always list my favourites and i have been on Zim Hip-hop nominations list. Before i die I want to be on another important list with great minds. I don’t know what it will be about but I will not close that web tab for a month. Perhaps it will be “ Top 10 List Of Bloggers That List Things”, in which case my friends at Youth Village would be number one.


  1. Grow A Successful Business

Yes I need to have a self sustainable and profitable business in whatever it is that the business will be about. It doesn’t have to be about Hip-hop  but it could be about hip-hop. It could be the talks and seminars after millions see me on that TED Talk or maybe the project that got me a NAMA. It just has to happen.

  1. Make My Parents Believe

The hardest part of my journey has been making my family believe that I can actually sustain from the art and that the art is important. I probably need to achieve some of the things in this entire list to make that happen.

  1. Get Forgiveness From Enemies and Exes

There are old friends and exes whose block lists I’m still on. I am not a war loving man, I love peace. I hope one day I can meet some of these people with no grudges in between after-all everybody needs a friend.

  1. Own Properties

Well I know every file on the computer has properties. I am not talking abot those, I am talking about some real estate. I am also not talking about houses inherited from my Dad. No I mean stuff that I would have worked for myself.

  1. An Painting Of My Father

I just think painted portraits show value and respect and for my father Mr. N. Mupotaringa I have nothing but respect for his focus, love and dedication towards father-hood and ultimately man-hood.

  1. Give Back To The Schools I Learnt

As I grew up I learnt at Milton Junior, Milton High and later Dadaya High School. Through out my school years many great men that learnt from these schools passed through the schools yearly to donate a few things that helped the school, get better. Some made big donations, some made speeches that helped us forge ahead. Without their sowing back and generosity those schools would not be where they are.

  1. Understand God

I still have my own questions about God and the way he works, whether he only speaks to Christians or not. Sometimes these questions appear in my poetry. In fact my poetry should never be taken for granted as far as my perceptions. I hope one day before I die I would have found satisfactory on the subject of spirituality and religion.

  1. Writing My Mother A Letter

Forget the internet age, one of this days I will sit down with a pen and tear out a school book paper to write my mother a gratitude letter the old way. I want her to get from the letter box and read it and hear my voice in it.

  1. Have A Video With 1 Million Views

Whether it will be the TED talk, award ceremony, a poem or music video, I certainly want to have a video that reaches a million verifiable online users. Why? Because that’s presence.

  1. I want to visit the United States of America

Eversince I was a child the USA presented itself in such a way that I felt that I wanted to be a part of that culture. As I grew up I re-embraced my culture but I think them having that influence on me and popular culture inclines them for a visit.

  1. I want to witness my child’s birth.

When I finally have a child, I want to witness the delivery of that child to the earth. I do not want to be disconnected from that emotional moment.

  1. I want to be one of the greatest writers of my time

Daily I hone my skill to become one of the greatest writers of my time but “typos” (grammatical errors) always sneak into my blog posts. I will not despair. I will continue to apply myself in this art.

  1. Write A Speech For A President

It will be an honour for me to write a speech for the president. Whoever will be president that year I would like to write a speech on their behalf as “one of the greatest writers of my time” and the guy who would already have done that TED Talk.

  1. Marry her if she doesn’t take this list for granted.

If my girlfriend doesn’t take this list for granted, she certainly is the person I want to stick with for the rest of my life. It takes a lot of support to be able to do most of the things listed in this article.

Just Married


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