19 Puns That Will Make You Chop My Head Off

1. Ndakapenga semunhu aive ku Annex.
2. Some girls use so much face powder like Black Opal was part of their genetic “Make Up”.
3. Q.Which Zim Artiste is likely to work for Nikuv? —- A. Q-Rigga

4. Don’t ever lose hope, like Masike’s ex.

5. ZvimaBoss zveku ZBC ‪#‎Zvirikufaya‬ sema video amaitumirana last year.

6. Abusive people are “poor souls” like feet with torn socks. (poor soles)


7. This list keeps you “engaged” like a dude wasting a chicks time.

8. I voice my views like Dzamara, so the system might eat-I.

9. Navy is a part of the Big 5, so when he walks in you see-Seal The Lion.

10. When I dye, I’ll change my hair colour to blue.

11. Mcpotar is still the number one Hip-hop sauce so these guys gotta Ketchup like Rabroy.

12. When you are acting out of line with God, Satan is behind the sins.

13. I wash out rappers with one bar like Perfection soap.

14. In old times chastity belts were like “PAD”-locks.

15. The state that Zim Hip-hop is in is dreadful like Jamaican heads.

16. I have more puns than women get at Kitchen Parties.

17. I police stressed minds until all of them are rested (arrested).

18. My competion is like shoes because it will face defeat (de-feet/ the feet).

19. The truth may sound COLD but it FREEZE the mind.


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