16 Rappers That Are Comfortable In English Flows in Zim

16  Emcees That Are Comfortable In English Raps In Zimbabwe
Being Afrocentic is a good thing in regards to dress, speech and overall mindset however there is no harm when local artistes sound like they just came off a plane from Chicago. In fact amongst people who spit raps in English in Zimbabwe, there are 3 categories I have noticed.
1 – Forced Accents
There are many rappers that try to sound like they from Chicago but the enunciation doesn’t come out pretty well. It is more advisable to do rap in a vernacular language if you fall in this group or just use your real voice tone. I wont give examples here but we know ourselves.
2. – Local Accent (Unforced)
These ones, do not sound American when they rap in English but they also do not sound forced. Personally I can listen to this, it is clearly detectable as the average enunciation in Zimbabwe. Even local radio hosts use this accent. I think David Chifunyise was that type of guy.
But I am here to list the guys I know that are in…
3. American Accent
Look we can debate all we want but people basically love English Hip-hop when it sounds like it’s actually from abroad especially if your content and choice of vocabulary is consistent with what Americans talk about. Most people who have this accent do not like to be branded as Zim Hip-hop for obvious reasons. So who are these guys.

1. Q-Rigga – Q-Rigga is a local hip-hop/ dancehall multifaceted artiste who suits his accent to the occassion. He has an incredible delivery and a a flow that will get you feeling like, “Why is Zim Hip-hop still here”. Oh, I forgot they hate the term Zim Hip-hop but will explain in a different article why I love it.

2. Tehn Diamond – Of course Tehn Diamond is on most lists. It’s starting to look like a default setting but it’s deserverd. Listen to Be Amazing, The Sign and all other joints by Tehn. He has a sound that is exportable because a random person going through spotify doesn’t have time to verify if you actually from the states does she?

3. Mile – Yes, it’s no secret that I threw a few subliminals on this guys name in Ghost on Ghost, but this guy here is interesting because not only can he rap in that accent. he can sing in it and for so long people felt like suppressing him and saying he should have stuck to the singing. You know like the same way people ask me not to rap. But here he is, he threw mad fire bars in FWYH and has had great interviews on radio.

4. Cashbid – Well since I talked about FWYH maker, I should probably bring up Cashbid. This guy has a delivery style that reminds me of Slim Shady and unsurprisingly that’s actually who he listens to more. He gave us The Realest and Ventilation amongst other projects. He even impersonated Larry Kwirirayi’s British accent at one time.

5. Taz The Prince – Well “Birds of a feather flock together”, so this young guy rolls with Cashbid a lot, he was on Full Moon At Midnight. He has done a lot of other tracks like Work, Black Orchestra 1 among other projects. he has a dynamic delivery. Totally awesome, but he really does this as a hobby.

6. Navy Seal – The first time anyone ever heard Navy Seal they heard 50 Cent. If you ask me, he is now more and more Navy than he is 50 but indeed the Hip-hop Mogul influenced his early style of rap and choice of subject matters. Accurately emulating a role model is not a flaw, if anything it proves the reason why Navy Seal is very meticulous about song arrangement and how it comes out. Navy Seal gave us Elevated, Way Back, Diplomatic and is definitely coming with new stuff.

7. Teq Niq – I heard Teqniq in Money Motivated for the first time in 2010 and I said wow. This guy has that Lupe Fiasco feel but of course you can find him within his sound. He is now a Christian Hip-hop Artiste and he makes dope beats no doubt.

8. J.Nova – They call him the Son of The Sun, all I can say is that this guy is dope and I can’t find a sound he emulates. I can only confirm that he is in the league of people that have these dope exportable accents. I haven’t gone really deep into his work to have a big opinion about him but most have said he is the future having recently dropped his HiStory in The Making Mixtape which we reviewed here.

9. Tone Lakeside – This is an Art Department member, with few solo projects. He mostly raps with Navy Seal and robbie Illsicker. His accent is very much consistent with his raps about “bussin’ a cap” and “loadin’ em nines”. I think it’s only fair to put him on this list.

10. Mc Chita – I’m sure someones eyes were looking to blame for leaving out Mc Chita. We all know that McChita’s verse in Powercut was so beastly, Begotten Sun later sampled it in Lights Out “Bhutsu To The Face”

11. Juan Take – I will not lie about knowing much of his work but the few times I heard him, I put him on this list. He is an uptown type of guy, I barely come across his stuff from my immediate circle but he has a dope delivery. He is certainly on point.

12. Meyniak – Meyniak dropped an album last year titled Befor Dawn The Sire. his accent is really not what you would immediately define as African American Accent but it’s also not very Zimbabwean to me. I like his delivery and aggression it’s dope.

13. Synik – If you listed to the Award Winnin Syn-City you can definitely tell that Synik is pretty comfortable in English spits. In fact his Shona lines in Powercut do not cut as deep. It’s much like when Teh tries to do something in Shona, we just not used to it. I wouldn’t really say Synik sounds ATL like but he certainly has a sound that you’d assume is not from here.

14. Robbie Illsicker – Another Art Department rapper, no solo projects I’ve come across from this guy. He probably delivers the best bars in the Art Department, this even the other members can Testify too. His freestyles are as good as his writtens just so you know.

15. Begotten Sun – People like him don’t like being recognized in lists such as this, plus he is Afrocentric. But I will tell you on anyday, that his English enunciation doesn’t sound much like it’s the average one used in this country.

16. Whoever you think I forgot about can go here.

Just remember that I am not implying you should sound like any of these guys. I am just saying I prefer English rap when it’s from them.
Thank you for your attention.

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