13 Of My Favourite Zim Hip-hop Songs In 2015

The year has almost come to an end, well of course there are still more hip-hop songs to be released before we finish off. However it wouldn’t hurt if I told you the songs that I enjoyed this year. Here are 20 of my favorite songs for 2015 in Zim Hiphop. Note that this article will not contain links to any of these.

  1. John BhuruGze ft. Alka Nemo & Yung Red : The song is powerful and I love the hook and grind mentality it endorses, in fact as I write this list it is playing in the background. Reminds me of Rick Ross’ Hustling track back in the day.
  2. Yohwe – Sharky : This young guy has bars for days & I’ll tell you that with every jam he has a masterpiece but as far as the one that stays in my playlist Yohwe makes the cut.
  3. Bhero – Ishy X and Foster : I’m sure this one may be in the playlists of many, Bhero just spoke the reality of where we used to get our swag before the Government banned used clothes. The beat, the vibe and everything.
  4. Zvenyu – Ti Gonzi ft. Baller : Yes of course I listen to both Ti Gonzi and Ishy X. It’s their beef not mine…. Baller had an illy verse on that as well. Heavy production I must say.
  5. Hatiko Ikoko – Prophecy : Recently released track by Prophecy. It’s Christian Rap you can turn up to. You will agree with me when you get your hands on it.  Just had to put it here.
  6.  S.N.D.R – Asaph – A song produced by a Charlie Zimbo, recently released by Bulawayo’s own Asaph. Loving the vibe.
  7. Earth Quake – GT Flykidd : Yet another lethal Ndebele rapper. Most of you only know Cal_Vin, perhaps a bit of Guluva 7, but Bulawayo holds more than you finally get in the mainstream. GT Flykidd is a fly-kid to look out for as far as Ndebele Rap is concerned.
  8. Nyarara – Marcques : He did right on this one, I loved the execution and delivery. A few subliminals hit my Superman vest but a dope jam nevertheless. Playlist that
  9. Ghetto – T1 Wema1 ft. Ishy X – I love this jam, it’s one of the tracks that made me love the Inzwa album. There is so much undeniable reality in T1’s words.
  10.  Ventilation 1 – Cashbid : I don’t care what you all think but I love that track, it was brilliantly executed. Definitely on my playlist.
  11. Bad Gurl – Miss Kiddy – I like Miss Kiddy’s delivery personally so tough my playlist is male dominated. Miss Kiddy managed to make it through.
  12. Where Did King Go – R.Peels ft. Yung Red : Beautiful instrumental married to didactic lyrics. The song was a masterpiece. Krimz on that beat.
  13. Kusvika Rinyure – Noble Stylz & Quounfuzed : My appreciation for this song increased after the visuals. I gamble with The System and this one but I think this one takes the cup.

Take time to search for these gems. You will enjoy yourself. Most of all buy Zim Hip-hop and lets build this culture together. Please follow me on instagram and facebook. Look for @Mcpotar.

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