12 Of Zimboy’s Favourite Zim Rappers

Zimboys Top 12 Zim Hip-hop Artistes Revealed

One of the fastest rising promoters in Zim Hip-hop is Jackson De Zimboy. He has fast been earning credentials as a key player in the hip-hop game and well I thought of finding out who his favourite rappers are on the Zimbabwean music scene. In no particular order this is the promoter/rappers top 12 list.

Zimboy Top 12

  1. Tehn Diamond


Now we all know that when Tehn Diamond kicks his bars they are always nothing short of amazing, from branding, performances to creating a powerful following. The Happy hitmaker is  definitely a student of a game who has the right to play teacher. He has found his place on Zimboys list.


  1. Jnr Brown


Some names are inseperable. It is very hard to find  a list where Tehn Diamond is mentioned without the mention of Tehn Diamond. The two giants made their biggest impact when they engineered Few Kings with Take Fizzo. Jnr Brown still spits hard bars and represents the Harare hustler. Zimboy probably listens to him for inspiration with his hustle.


  1. Simba Tagz


Simba Tagz is not only a good producer but can definitely crete recipes to certified hits. Whether it’s his own track with Dutch or  a feature with Team Bho, Simba definitely was bound to be on this list. We cannot even begin to list the industry moves he has made to deserve to be on this list. Jackson says, the Titan EP is on his playlist all day.


  1. P.O.Y


One of the few Bulawayo based hip-hop artistes to never cry about Hararian segregation, he has performed at Zimboys Changamire initiative, in fact, he  had the best performance on the fifth edition of Changamire where I was a host. Why wouldn’t Jackson pick him  in the list? – Definitely his place is reserved.


  1. Cal_Vin


Now this is yet another Bulawayo artiste who has made history for himself by collaborating with the multi-award winning Cassper Nyovest. Cal_Vin is also in my top 5 fastest rising Zim Hip-hop artistes and he has indeed taken Ndebele Rap to another level. He faces a lot of hate from both Harare and Bulawayo but I am glad that Zimboy has said, “No hating!” and included a brother on this list.


  1. Tricky J


Blogs have referred to him as Tambisa D*ko maker, but in reality he has been making much more heat than that. A stellar Mare video rteaser hyas got the whole of Zim Hip-hop anticipating his next work of art. Yes he is affiliated with Zimboy, but hands down this is not even about their friendship. This list would be empty without Tricky J in it.


  1. Briss Mbada


Zimboy says Briss Mbada’s line relate to the people day to day situations, especially on his most famous track Ndinonyepa. His unique Afrocentric hairstyle mixed with English cart gives him image appeal as an artiste. It also makes him a trendsetter.


  1. Stunner


Do I have to keep telling you that Stunner is a move maker and an example of how one can actually make a living or Hip-hop in Zimbabwe amidst all the criticism about how his style of rap cannot possibly be “real hip-hop”. Of course most of his critics have never really been on tour. Not even in their neighbourhood. Zimboy thinks all the hate is unwarranted so Stunner makes his list.


  1. Teqniq


Now this guy spits fire, could probably remind you of a Lupe Fiasco type delivery. He represents Mutare and equally held his own 16 bars at the fifth edition of Changamire at the end of May. It comes as no surprise that he is listed here.


  1. Noble Stylz


Self proclaimed Shona rap King (and endorsed by fans of his movement) is one of the most outspoken emcees you’ll probably encounter in the game. His well nurtured and provocative style of rap, perhaps including his witty wordplay inclined him to be enlisted here. Some would be surprised why he wasn’t mentioned earlier but then again this list is no particular order. Zimboy certainly thinks he is one of the best emcees in the country.


  1. Ishy X


Punchline Kings are very good top of dome spitters,  Ishy X is on the list of many Hip-hop fans. Foster also brings in a balance on the other hand, with his acting abilities fused into rap. Bhero was well scripted. His ability to create surprising puns is quite unique and he makes great performances. Mostly he raps with Foster and they have managed to influence slang used in Zim hip-hop among other things.


  1. T Gonz


Like Noble and Ishy X, it’s a no brainer that his punchlines and lyrics are dope. T Gonz is probably the most hilarious of them all. He will say lines like , “Matsaga Masara (Sarah) sem’kadzi wa Abraham.” If you need a little humour on the playlist. T Gonz is your man.


Thanks to Zim Boy for this amazing list. If you not on ZimBoys list it however doesn’t mean you are not working hard. This is just a glimpse of his preferred taste.


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