11 Suggestions To Succeed In Zim Hip-hop For 2015

I know many of you read this headline and wondered if these are the strategies I will be employing myself next year. The answer is yes I will be using these same methods. You will then ask why I am revealing them on the blog.

My answer is : Because I Know People Don’t Read

“If you want to hide money, put it in a book.”

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  1. Make Use Of Facebook Videos


Many are already using this method but not to its maximum potential. A few concepts have been mind blowing or creative but you can choose to change the game next year by making Facebook Promo videos more creative. I particularly enjoyed the Facebook video by Rapperholiks and Sinbad90 in November. Many videos have just been poorly shot home videos by phones. That’s fine because we independent but you can make that home video more viral buy a well planned concept.


You can also make scheduled and regular video uploads a week with freestyle sessions, announcements and lyric videos. You will never know who stumbles on it.  Facebook bundles allow people to stream your video nowadays at minimal cost so why not.

(This 2015 strategy may change if Econet or whoever decide to stop the bundles, but things are likely to improve).


  1. Perform At Open Mics


Whichever City you live in if there is an opportunity to kick your mic skills in front of a crowd do it. Not for immediate gratification. The performance may not pay at all, but if you are still at the level that you need a break through you need brand exposure so that word of mouth about you starts spreading. Also I have seen artistes like Sharky, Vokal Da Poet and Synik grow from just free open mics to performing at huge events that paid, because there was proof that they can perform. Synik even toured Germany in 2014 and has mastered his songs by head so much even his presence in the booth is different from a non performer.


So yes we see you’re on Hulkshare but we want to see you kick it.


  1. Lyric Videos


In general, people find themselves singing songs they already know by head. Why don’t we make their memorizing faster by making lyric videos to every single song. Uploading a copy to Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. Don’t worry if it gets 13 views keep banking them. Imagine if you could type Marukaz Lyrics today and actually get instant results, both in text and video?

You can use softwares like ULead, Sony Vegas and Pinnacle to do this.


You can submit your lyrics to http://lyrics.mcpotar.com , http://rapgenius.com and any other great sites that allow submission.


  1. Learn How To Write Press Releases


Do you know why you don’t get blogged as fast as that rapper who is always in blogs?


No, it’s not because you’re wack. In fact you could be better than him, but your problem is how you communicate (or not) with the publication. Journalists and Bloggers usually need to see what we call a press release so that they can make a write up about your product. Unless you are very popular and bloggers are already dying to write about you first do not tweet a link to bloggers and expect that you will get an article from them.


They will simply download and listen as regular fans but since they do not have supporting information about your song they will hit a writers block if they even try to write about it. Therefore always take time to write down a press release and send it to them.


Of course the song should be well mastered and it should not be trash. Also remove caps lock when messaging people.


  1. Promote Your Music


The art of music promotion involves:

  • Making people aware that the product exists. Making people aware who made the product.
  • Making people realize how it’s useful to them.
  • Making them take an action…

So musically speaking your product is whatever project you’re working on. Create stories around it and tell people about yourself so that people get engaged emotionally. After this make them see which part of their lives it can fit into. If it can fulfil a certain need in their lives they will take action.

Make sure the message is clear.

  1. Stay Away From Trivial Issues


Is Tehn Diamond on Facebook? Yes.

Is Synik on Facebook? Yes

Have you ever seen them or any other successful person engage in any of those posts where people complain about what Zim Hip-hop should do or should’ve done? No


They are on their grind and all about their business and you should too. Now many will say but Mcpotar you are part of these rants and such and such but that’s because bloggers are expected to create those discussions. If you’re an artiste you should be making your next moves and not looking for fake beef opportunities. The opportunities are not in beefing they are in doing you.


  1. Invest In Music Videos


The market is flooded with more MP3’s than visuals, plus people enjoy seeing you in action. The visuals add a picture to the story and are more memorable. There are levels to these things and depending which level you are you may want to start doing videos. There are so many videographers in Zimabwe right. My personal favourite has been Dir Quence of Quence.motion but I’m sure you can choose from the various ones we have. From Enqore, Andy Cutta, Rufaro D to Angel Arts.


Be serious about your art.


  1. Own A Blog or Website


While you can always convey your stories on social networks and ask bloggers to blog you. Those stories may drown in your feeds and will be hard to retrieve a year after you write them. If you are skeptical about owning a professional website begin with a simple wordpress or blogger blog. Keep you biography on it , events , upcoming singles and so forth on it. You can even make it more interesting by inviting guest writers or fans to contribute to it if you are not good at writing.


The Activist has been using this method on his radio-active blog and I think he has been doing pretty good.


  1. Create An EPK


An EPK is an electronic press kit. Sometimes your website can work as that but you can create a press kit that contains pictures video and biographies that you send to media-houses via email so that you can get interviews with radio, television and in the newspaper if they receive it well.


For this one get some of the best photographers and make sure you proof read and edit your biography. The Holy Grail of breakthroughs is organization.


10. Collaborations

 I know some artistes believe they can go it alone which is perfectly fine as long as it works for them but I think there is power in collaborations. Especially if they are cross genres.

You can make use of collaborations in 2015. Collaborate with Dancehall, Jazz and other artistes to give a different feel to your songs. It will benefit both genres and your own reach. You can also collaborate with other rappers.

 11. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Maybe you need to do one experimental song next year where you talk about subjects people are not used to you talking about. Although you do it in a way that doesn’t make you lose your original core audience.


Are you always too much about party life?


Give us a story about something else that happened in your life too. We want to know that side of you. You can’t possibly always at parties and even if you are, there are a few bad days here and there. Let’s hear them.


Are you always sad?


Talk about the fun stuff. I’m sure people in your family have something to celebrate about. Whether it’s Mkoma Johnso finally settling down or your Dad buying Econet. Let’s hear it.


I hope you found this very useful. Tell me which tip you love most on twitter.


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