10 Zim Producers Whose Work I Enjoy

  1. Yagi Dojo – I have never met this guy, he probably has never heard of me but his beat for Karizma’s Moving (NgNGv2) was quite good in my opinion. This guy is talented and I wouldn’t mind putting work with him.
  2. Begotten Sun – A year after listening to the release of Synik’s SynCity I still find myself composing to the mbira sound he puts in the background. This has by no doubt given him a unique image in the industry. He basically says he has never sold a beat so he speaks but rather makes beats only out of inspiration. I obviously want a beat from this guy one day. It could fuse with some of my poetry rhymes when I get Afro-centric.
  3.  Xndr – though hated on by many and said to be the mimicry of Diddy. Anonzi Xndr has raised some good producers under his #TeamRehab. His beats are fair but his passion to market artists under his team is superb. You definitely want one party beat from this guy and maybe a verse depending on your taste. S/O to Mr Nice Bhachi.
  4. Krimz – Though known to hold rare opinions and start beefs in social media circles.  Krimz has a certain tyupe of beats I would consider for my abstract raps. This guy is not a s popular as the first 3 in the list but you can be sure to find him on Facebook and talk to him. He usually has generous times with his beats like the next guy I will talk about.
  5. Jae Mac Beatz – After listening to Navy seal’s – elevated whose beat he gave freely I gave real respect to this guy, judging from the transitions I heard in his beat. He is really doing something for the industry and that is something I respect.
  6. Teq Neeq- I need a full page on this guy. #nuffsed… just know I like Money Motivated though.
  7. Macduff & big Mike (First Klass) – I was raised on Macduff beats, Navy Seal’s The way is on one.  These guys work together like Cool & Dre. They stay humble but have produced beats for P.O.Y, MC Chita had a beat from them as well. They are probably some of the best in the City Of kings though opinions may differ. They are definitely on my albums and future projects.
  8.  Take Fizzo – who would have thought I’d complete the list without putting the biggest pusha in the industry, since Chamembe. Here’s another guy I’d need a day to speak about. A king and a pioneer.
  9. Reverb 7 – only heard about this guy recently but this Reverb 7; guy is actually bringing heat to the game.  Many of my friends don’t agree but I have my own ear. based producer.
  10. T-Krued (Byo) my favourite it comes to mastering. He has done work for Lady Thug, P.O.Y, Orthodox Six (the guy who beefed MU), Navy seal, Sisiyanti Siggs, Centre party among other big guys from Bulawayo. He takes his time, at times too much time though. I’m not a big fan of his beats but Navy Seal flows with em. I’d get a beat from the rest of this list and ride them in his booth. Crystal clear I tell you.

I’d  have gone on and on but this is my list. It is not that I look down upon those left out. After-all am left out of many top ten lists as an artist even by those I have mentioned. The industry must move wit’it. Watch out for my forthcoming album Metaphors We Live By #MWLB. Follow @Mcpotar via Twitter


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