10 Things I Want To Do Before I Die – Miss Zimbabwe (Diaspora SA)

Creepy article title I know but when I finally got the opportunity to talk to the beautiful Marlene Hall, who is now owner of the Miss Zimbabwe (SA) crown I decided to ask her to give me 10 Things She’d Like To Do Before She Dies…. a bucket list some may call it. It’s the end of the year but nope this is not one of those new years resolution things people do.

Try and ignore my silly comments between her list. I just had to interrupt her now and then.

Marlene hall

10 things to do before I die :

1. Honor God and bring glory to the name of Jesus through my life and lifestyle:

Christian brothers should be rehearsing in the mirror to get this woman.  Marlene is evidently a Christian and well, religion does cultivate some wife material traits in women who follow it. She is a queenalright but I know many are drooling at her pictures and wishing to be Kings with her.

2. Attain a masters degree in pediatric neuropsychology and have my own private practice.

Uh oh, the stakes just got higher for any ambitious brothers who may have been rehearsing in the mirror. Especially because she is a beauty with brains and she also must love kids to be doing pediatric neuropsychology.

3. Buy my mother her dream house and dream car.

I hope she manages to do that for her mother as well, our mothers (or mother figures) are very important people in our lives. She is blessed to have Miss Zimbabwe SA as her daughter and at this rate she will push the boundaries.

4. Become a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.

Already she is in fact an ambassador of Zimbabwe to South Africa (in my mind), I also wish her success on this goal.

5. Receive the Nobel peace prize for contributing to the empowerment of young girls and women in my country.

Yes her dreams should scare you and her as much. A Nobel Peace Prize is a prestigious achievement and if she can conceive it and act towards it she can achieve it.

6. Travel to every continent on earth and have a house on each continent.

And in turn I want to be your tenant in every one of those houses Marlene. I promise to pay rent on time.

7. Be a role model to my children and raise them to be respectful, generous, loving, kind citizens in society.

Please be my role model too. Your minds eye is so brilliant. I’m sure there are also young girls and boys who would like to have you as their role model too.


8. Raise my nations flag high on an international platform and remind the world of its brilliance.

I guess she will continue to represent the country as she is already doing. The Nobel Peace Prize and UN Goodwill Ambassador position if she attains it will be one of those I guess.

9. To be friends with presidents of nations and Heads of states.

You may as well start working on our friendship Marlene. You may as well begin!

10. To be the first female mogul to run a billion dollar empire that serves to fund scholarships and bursaries to young girls and women to get an education.

A woman after Mother Africa’s own heart!

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