10 Creative Ideas You Could Do For Your Partner

Now I do not usually sell out chemistry recipes to strangers, but you are kind of different. I noticed something different about you as soon as you hopped on to this page. I hope you do not disappoint me by just reading these and not doing them.

It is no accident that you landed on this very page. We are better off declaring 9/11 a little accident.

You are here for the ideas.


Invite your partner over to your house for lunch or dinner, or any meal for that matter. Make sure it’s a very delicious light meal which will cause them to eat the whole meal. They have to eat the whole meal for this to work.

A way you can make sure they eat all the food on that plate is to have a day of fasting with them all day only to break the fast via that meal.


When they finish the meal they should see a printed message for them in the centre of the plate. A specific one with their name or face in it. Yes you can get that kind of thing printed in town nowadays.



Just to get this clear, I am not asking you to mug them, but quick thinkers already see how this may be a variation of the afore-mentioned plate idea.

The trick with the mug idea is to get one of those mugs that reveal a picture or message only when warm water is poured into them.

So invite them for coffee or a warm beverage you know they cannot resist and watch them get excited about the surprize unless they are really ingrates in which case you should strike them in the head three times with the mug, then turn yourself in for mugging them, muggitation and mitigation.


I know you think I’m about to ask you to write them a pen written letter and send it traditional. This is sweet but rather cliche.

Get logos of a prestigious University Printed on an envelope. Hint something about a scholarship offer on the outside.

On the inside Use the letterhead of that university once again (which is probably illegal, but doing some crime for your love is romanticized in books, so why not).

In the body of the letter reveal the prank but go on to express your love.

Think about it, it gives you more discussion points for years to come even after you have kids. Definitely more memorable than a text you sent last week which your partner doesn’t remember in as much detail.

There was nothing memorable about it.


Nowadays it’s very easy to record your own voice at home. Just download a recording software like reaper (find it here). The trial version may be sufficient but you may buy it if you want.

Queue up some of their favorite songs and some of yours. Talk like a DJ in between songs and render that file in *.wav format, unless of course you have installed this codec on your machine (in which case you can render to mp3 straight). Find a software which can then convert your score to *.mp3 and burn it on a CD, upload it online or find a way for your partner to here it.

Reminds me of an old song which used to say “Thank you Mr DJ for playing my song.”

You can find tutorials on how to record and edit in reaper via this link


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