Zim’s RnB Sweet Talker Chris James Brings “It’s On”

Rehab’s secret weapon when it comes to R&B hooks since 2015. Chris James always manages to bring in  well laced RnB vocals, but has been criticized occasionally for his use of plug-ins to filter his voice. Something always sounds pitch corrected about them.

In this song, he features “Celebrity Boyfriend”  Marcques, whom he also featured with in “We On” last year on T1’s song.  The production is by a producer called HerbFinch and the notorious Anonzi Xndr who came under fire for sleeping on music not so long ago. He mixed the vocals in this one and so is guilty too of seasoning Chris James with filters. Xndr Xndr Xndr . I thoroughly respect the mix he did however and the instrumentation itself.

HerbFinch is a producer we should probably feature on this platform.

This song is definitely for couples, perhaps if they need a song to own when they need to spice things up. Music has the magic of becoming a reference point of a phase in a ny relationship. This is the main feature of any love song with a sensually seductive message.

Contrary to popular belief such a song is not always for the fairer sex. I see it more as a cue for both lovers to enjoy their romantic moments. Of course occasionally the girls will have this on their play-list when thinking of him. Whether in an erotic or decent way. Depending on what stage they are, or principles that govern their morality and so forth.

He too could have it on rotation whilst planning what he is to do for/to her.

The rap verse is an extra for those of us who listen to a song and be like, “Where the bars at?”

Great music but in future i would like to hear Chris with no plugins.

Get ChrisJames – It’s On Here

P.S I am not impressed with this artwork!


Chris James - It's On

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