Zimbabwes Best Dancers Give Us – Chekeche

It is a public secret that multiple award winning choreographer John Cole is the best known in the land thuus far. He never disappoints and he is taking his artistry to a “whole ‘nother level”. If you thought featuring on the most important projects last year was enough you had no idea that the gentleman doesn’t know when to stop.

His new Chekeche dance for the  Military Touch Movement is definitely something to write crib about. I mean you should see the the moves.

I think Simba G did god work on this one. The setting is favourable as well. They are in front of ba normal residential yard which makes the dance relatable to the regular man. We can identify with the location. Simba G has shot many videos over the years including many  Trae Yung productions at TMG. He is certainly skilled.

I only wish he had introduced us to the other dancers in the videos with more close ups. We know John Cole, we could tell it was him from the distance, but his team needed a bit of close up treatment. A few night scenes would have also made  a huge difference. You know, lights illuminating a wet  surface, new costumes  and such for variation.

However it does quite great for  a cover and like I said. John Cole never dissappoints his fans.

Check out the video in the link below.



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