Why Is Cashbid Afraid Of Dropping His Album?

Cashbid is an exceptional rapper no doubt and we have waited for him to give us Lyrical Redesign since 2014. Apart from rap, Cashbid became popular for being one of the biggest critics of fellow artistes work and as a person who holds his own 16’s on the mic-stretch we would say he could speak that with no fear.

However over time people began to question when Lyrical Redesign would emerge. I mean, some people who have received his criticism have had several mixtapes, performances,  albums, videos and so forth. Cashbid’s criticism of them with no catalog out began to look somewhat misplaced and hypocritical.

We were happy this year when he announced that he was now working on Lyrical Redesign and was to contact Fun F and Begotten Sun among others. This would finally defeat the spirit of procrastination.

The rapper however recently said he would be postponing the Lyrical Redesign album  to make way for Sharky’s new project which was dropped on 24 June, 2017. Mind you, Sharky is two albums in and both Sharky albums now available were planned and executed more than 2 years after we saw the artwork for Lyrical Redesign.

We must note that it is possible that not much progress has been done towards that album. Sharky and Cashbid’s styles are far different and I doubt Sharky’ shares the same fans as Cashbid. It is akin to Newscafe not opening because Creamy Inn has occupied a certain location. Even then, in reality most people really have multiple artistes on their playlists, locally or internationationally.

Even he who says Pusha T is his favourite has room for Weezy, Jeezy and Yeezy on the playlist. Not dropping because another artiste has dropped is an acceptable excuse especially from the biggest critic there in Zim Hip-hop.

Cashbid thus faces the curse of critics. The pressure of perfection because he has yearly gone head on with people who actually drop projects even if the projects aren’t perfect. Tehn Diamond whom he had a misunderstanding with on KIRF early in the year has given the industry 3 mixtapes during #SOTG days, a project with Few Kings and A Few Good Poems recently.

Maybe the projects were imperfect, but the crux of the matter is they were completed in their imperfection and accepted in that imperfection. We can go on and talk about Brythreesixty’s numerous videos, mixtapes or R.Peels projects whose quality was shot down as being of questionable quality.

The criticism towards those who have actually come up front to release their imperfect products sets the bar higher for Lyrical Redesign. Thus as the title says he is probably going back to the dojo every now and then to redesign the lyrics. Redesigning when any exceptional artiste drops heat for fear of not living up to the bar he has challenged others to rise up to.

If Sharky continues to drop projects, is he saying he will continue to push dates?

My advice to Cashbid would be to stop searching for that perfection and actually complete a project. My other advice would be that he should choose if he wants to be Charlamagne Tha God or Kanye West. It is hard to be both the felon and the magistrate.

We are not taking more excuses. Tell us the truth, has Lyrical Redesign been recorded. If so  please set a release date and be prepared for the same criticism others face o dropping theirs.

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