Who Killed The 8 Bar Femcee Freestyle Who Didn’t? – Zim Hip-hop 2016

From Tash Manhize’s dojo comes this new release titled, “The 8 Bar Cypher” where 8 of our hottest femcees light up the mic-stretch. The song is available for download on Amard’s soundcloud account. A good start to the new year indeed. You should love and hate my point of view on this one because I hold no punches.


Amard Comes through with her usual dark persona, but this time with more switch up in the delivery as the beat demands. Amard always comes out very hardcore like Rosa from Brooklyn 99 (watch that series). I like the syllable rhyming and the Autotune backing in her 2nd last bars fused with aggression which makes a perfect lead in into Tru North‘s verse where she throws some bars at people who tried to marginalize her. Her verse is a bit more chilled but has a dynamic delivery pattern. “I play to win” she says.

“Recognize this lyrical perfection and play it back again.” – I actually did so after this verse.

Missy comes in with some multi’s and play on words that rhyme with dividends before she switches to some Shona lines,” Ndovasparka/ Ndovasiya ndavafilla kunge gas/ Ma KG’s atowanda endai no’filla Tank.”Miss Kiddy comes in with a little aggression, hard bars and of course that part she says something expletive and before you can drop your jaw, she follows up with some jaw dropping bars. I’d say she’s got it pretty handled on delivery and lyrics but both could work on enunciation of some words more. I’d like them to play in the enunciation that sounds most natural.

My take away line for this pair, “Flow so sick, watch out it’s so contagious/ I be on the front like dicks / you be some anus/” – Well this is literally a HARD bar and it GOES IN. Okay, get your mind out the gutter.

Cryssie comes in representing Phumula South  from Bulawayo. Her verse is quite “girly”.She sounds like she’s on the come up and if you ask me she’s actually doing great. The rhymes are legit, her verse is flowered with different special effects which makes it stand out. It also makes her sound different from the main delivery showcased by others. I recommend her to still get in the dojo and get more muscular with the craft because I’m from Kingsville too and I want her to whoop H-town asses here with more metaphors and wordplay.

Joanne is  deep with the pen, the end rhymes are on point but the voice tone has zero emotion in it. We need to hear that she means it. She does however switch up her flow on the “ace of spades” line but still remains in the same emotion. This is something awesome writers suffer from, I believe some of my raps in the past have suffered the same. The break down on J-O-A double N-E was dope.

My take away lines for this pair, ” The way you tending my bars you may think I work in a club,”

“Keep moving forward no back space/ No card game but I’m ace of spades”

Taffyrover‘s verse was a’ight if you ask me. It did have end rhymes and I like the fact that she took time to appreciate and bless her son.(edited She knows how to rap and doesn’t go off-beat. Also her ability to talk about what’s happening in the booth shows she’s real, but the delivery and lyrics were a bit basic given that this was a shark infested cypher. I’m supposing she is on the come up and with more practice in the dojo, reading up on metaphors, similes lyrics and attempting many delivery patterns she can be AWESOME.

Gwenyambira at first hadn’t caught my heart in the first lines. The enunciation and delivery on the English raps didn’t move me but when she got into her zone. I’ze like, “OH My word!!!”The multi’s in shona were quite awesome. I think that’s her strength and she should create more in that zone whilst working on the short falls.

No take away lines from the last pair.

My favourite verses were from  Tru North > Amard > Miss Kiddy > Joanne > Missy > Gwenyambira > Cryssie > Taffyrover in that order. Send me your odrder on @Mcpotar.

All in all the 8 Femcees did a great thing and my applausew to them has nothing to do with their gender, that’s why I’m free to say my opinion of where they fell short. If these sessions are continued  and done more often we could have a great industry on the female side.

I will say the females need to work as hard as the male counterparts for the same accollades. We no longer want to list females based on, “Ndovaripo” (there’s a short list to pick from), We want females to be nominated based on actual hardwork. I’m impressed by this piece of art.






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