Top 3 Reasons You Should NOT Listen To Awa

I found myself on Award winning Awa Khiwe’s soundcloud page this week an well I figured like 3 top reasons anyone should not ever go to that soundcloud account, for any reason whatsoever.

01. She’s got unique concepts that will make you call up your cousin who’s been trying to thrive in Zim Hip-hop music and tell them to just quit. Now telling them to quit rap wouldn’t be nice, it will break their little hearts and thus it is a bad idea to be taking risks by exposing yourself to concepts by Awa such as the Ndebele traditional fusions in her beats and even her dress code.

02. You may be a member of the CIA, FBI or the CIO (because local is lekker). Now Awa Khiwe’s prowess may end up forcing you to approach her and give her a deal to join the establishment you work for. Now we wouldn’t want Awa to be approached by the CIA would we. Just in case you are part of them.Maybe you are even part of the Illuminati.

03. You will be late for work. So as soon as I started listening  to her song We Nkomo Zami  (don’t click on the link) I couldn’t get it off repeat. However the clock was ticking, they say time flies when you are enjoying yourself. You risk being late for work, not cooking, not bathing… not going for your won wedding.Perhaps the government should set a time for people to listen to her projects, so that the music doesn’t interfere with productivity.

So to cut a long story short don’t go to to hear great music. Don’t click on that link. Don’t do it, God is watching you.


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