The Truth About KIRF (Keep It Real Fridays) @keepitrealfri

Keep It Real Fridays a.k.a KIRF is a Zimbabwean podcast series dedicated to Zim Hip-hop, created by Capital 26free (a rising podcast brand in Zimbabwe).

The show has been presented by Amard, Brian Willis (Cashbid) , Mimie Kay and Selentine and has featured numerous bands and artistes, among them Tehn Diamond, Tytan, MMT, R.Peels, Bry360, Marcus Mafia and Veryus.
The presenters “keep it real” by using the unconventional Charlamaine Tha god approach of grilling the interviewee. They had an infamous one with Tehn Diamond.

It is Hip-hop. Tempers can flare on set.

Now that I have given a brief background of the KIRF initiative. I would like to explain that the podcast has received love and hate from different aspects.

Before I expand on the love and hate. Note that hate is not inherently bad, neither is love inherently good. Someone can love something bad while someone can hate something good.

So before we judge those who seem to hate “KIRF” let’s keep in mind that KIRF could be a bad thing from their perspective but my article is from the perspective where KIRF is good.

One – Podcasting Is Alternative Radio

If you are enemies with mainstream anything like myself then you probably do not listen to radio but over the wee k you choose the propaganda you prefer.

I for one choose several online web-series and KIRF. It may have it’s own bias here and there but it introduces me to different artistes where radio repeats features on pretty much the same 2% in Zim Hiphop.

KIRF may turn into the same monster as it becomes bigger but I hope not.

Two – People Prefer Listening To Reading

Okay, this is an assumption. I have not done any academic research on this but naturally I assume people would rather hear stuff than read it.

If you are an artiste and are given the opportunity to speak to the people in your own voice it makes better impression than a blog-post because your emotion is felt.

Very few bloggers are good enough writers to bring out the emotion in your words.

Three – It is on a Global Medium

Unlike other podcasts, KIRF like all Capital 26free podcasts has secured it’s space on and will definitely populate other ones in future. has many successful podcasts and a proven market base for those who already love podcasts. Sooner or later it will have a larger following.

Do not be a late adopter of things that already show greatness.

Four –  Content Consistency

Over the past 5 years I have seen all consistent projects to turn out successful especially in their 2nd year. KIRF’s conversion period may be even speedier because it is not by newbies.

They have managed to pull highly esteemed figures to their studio in less than a year. KIRF is run by former PushZw and Olova Music founders so they are not in their “learning the basics phase”, they already avoided what’s wack and are applying what works.

Undermine them at your own peril.

Final Word

KIRF had its flaws as a platform but I chose not to air where they err. See a lot of armchair experts who have never constructed anything are itching to give constructive criticism. To give opinions when they have not executed examples.

I will not be one of them.

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