The Best Music Industry Advice I Found On Youtube

Most music industry advice on Youtube is monotonous and is not really worth your time but this is…

I love looking for music industry advice daily to stay abreast and on top of my game in terms of promotion that I do for artistes. One of the best ways to keep in line with what works is to take advice from the old heads who have seen it before the social media age.

Their perspective counts a lot and I decided here to curate and include some of best videos I have  learned from.


The talk embeded here is from a DIY (Do It Yourself) Masterclass on 3 Dec 2012 hosted by Generator, the UK’s leading music development agency as part of Roundhouse 3030 in London.

This is the audio version of the opening session on “Attracting press, radio and online coverage” which was presented by Tom Robinson, covering the following topics:
• How do you get your music to press, radio and blogs?
• What goes in a press pack and what are people looking for?
• Physical vs. digital press pack
• Is your track right for the radio?
• Setting realistic expectations
• Release formats — tracks vs. singles vs. EPs & the pros and cons of physical
• The pros and cons of hiring PR & Plugging specialists
• Developing an online presence — websites, social networking, SEO & blogs

I thoroughly enjoyed this advice and I think it’s some of the best I’ve seen on this topic online so far. I will from time to time curate and recommend any great advice on the music industry that I find online in order for us to build the independent music community.

This advice acn totally get you signed as well.

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