The Art Of Selling Dreams : A Guide For Politicians and Blessers

You are probably a politician, sugar daddy or record label executive  who runs a dream selling business or is planning to start one. Which ever stage of your business you are you have probably struggled once in a while with selling dreams, but since my niche deals with obstacle detection and problem mitigation you are on the right blog.

Selling dreams…

Well the first thing I need to quote for you are words by a guy named Michael Mupotaringa who lived in 2017 A.D, during what became known as the Gushungo era.

He writes, “You cannot sell dreams to people whose immediate reality is better. Why would they buy them?”

His logic was that people were only being successfully sold dreams because their realities were miserable or worse off in comparison to the dreams.  If they had better standards of living they of course would see what seems too good to be true for what it is. In fact the better standard of living one has the greater challenge in creating a lie they can say wow to.

Well, Michael is no genius. Isn’t this common sense.

What this means is the politician, record label executive or sugar daddy have to find people who are already in a bit of misery or at a disadvantage to sell dreams.

They can alternatively engineer that misery to their favour, in the case of politicians as they control a lot.

Do note that some politicians are sugar daddies as well, where the term is almost inseperable where we speak of male politicians.

So let’s get to the steps.


We are not saying be a Shakespearan, but read people like him. Watch good orators have their way with words and find your voice through practice. In order to bypass what eyes see and paint pictures in the victims mind you must be awesome with words. They must paint pictures so that the dream feels real to the body and mind.

The mind at base level can’t tell the difference between real and fake. Think about why people can cry when a character in a series dies yet their logic knows it’s really a movie.


Most of what motivates people comes down to what makes them happy, what gives them a dopamine release. Their interests and beliefs and when you appeal to that they will gravitate to you because they are really doing it for themselves.

Your goodness with words comes here. Project an imagery of fulfillment of their personal desires and watch them co-operate willingly.

Promise them land, affordable housing,  better sanitation and road construction.

If you are a blesser you probably want to promise that you will divorce your spouse and assure them you are on seperation. Go on to to tell them that they fill a void that your spouse  failed to fulfil and you have found new hope.

Promise them a car, a life they only saw from others and so forth.


To make all these flowery promises believable. Take a bit of action by giving hand outs and promising the rest after elections or perhaps in the blessers case be a little generous with open possibility that it could be more if they surrender more of themselves to you.

If you are a politician fire a few individuals in your camp for corruption and call out other politicians in your party where there is no mutually assured destruction.

The blesser could probably hand a certain bankcard he is cool with or keys to a certain office or apartment. Any act in the physical which re-affirms possibility of the ultimate dream coming to fruition.


For the politician, if something terrible must be announced to the target electorate do not announce it yourself. Send someone else to do it and to face the hard questions and the anger of the masses. This is where your spokes person comes in handy.

Likewise if you a blesser, I am assuming you have some people under you, secretaries, personal assistants etcetera. Delegate them to deliver your unfavourable messages.

This works because it creates deniability. When later asked, you can claim you were represented out of context and if you are a blesser you can even apologize and tell the blessee that you shouted at the assistant for how the message was delivered and you “almost” fired them, but being the good person you are you thought of their kids.

Be however present at all good events even that you did not put a coin in.

If you are a politician, strive to be present where computers are being donated, awards, and so forth. If possible be guest of honour or present these things. The mind wont tell the difference at a subliminal level even if the people logically know that you aren’t a sponsor. Attend funerals (especially yours).


Now that you are a notch higher in malice go out and sell dreams. Moreover be cautious when these are being played on you, have your guard on.


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