Tehn Diamond Officially Announces Album Completion (@TehnDiamond)

There was a lot of mixed feelings a few weeks ago when Begotten Sun said the Tehn Diamond album was complete and would easily make other folks music irrelevant. The debate lasted a few days, but staunch adherents of the #SOTG movement endorsed Begotten Sun’s remarks. Tehn Diamond himself was quiet, probably tweaking the album or reading our commentary from “the terraces”, maybe chuckling or frowning to some of them. The guy is not known to cause a stir in public forums.

In that week a lot of SOTG (Students Of The Game) enthusiasts, changed their Twitter names to #ThePerfectTehn. This is an album he has been under pressure from fans to release as it was promised whilst Biti was still a minister if my memory serves me right. To the non-adherents, it had taken too long and in their opinion it wouldn’t have as much impact now. To Begotten Sun, “Hatichatengesi Ma Freezit”( they are no longer vendors) – meaning they have this strategy on lock… To Mcpotar “Oh please bring it, I was running out of things to say….. pheeew… and Begotten Sun please piss off more people lol.”

What all this shows is Tehn Diamond is still worth the discussion despite what people say and he allows, us to fill in the white space for him. He doesn’t need to say much but yesterday he decided to officially announce the completion of his album. He admitted, he sometimes tempted to tweak it here and there but gave no actual dates.

“Hey family,

What’s good . . .

Yea it’s been a while. But I had a lot of learning and growing and building to do, and sometimes all that is best done in solitude.

Good to be back though. Your album is ready. Though I keep tweaking and changing my mind about things every other day.

Just as well I have a good team around me, and they’ll know when to make me stop.”- Tehn Diamond

On the other hand Begotten Sun, to Kalabash Media they were optimistic about The Perfect Tehn and needed to get it done with thoroughly to focus on Syniks long awaited Pages Of Syn. So it’s looking like a beautiful 2016 for Zim Hiphop. the album is rumoured to have features from other parts of the continent. a birdie told me M.Anifest may be in it, I have not verified with the production team…. but if so…. wow. That rumour is food to my anticipation and yours.

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