Tee Mak – Drops One of The Best Christian Hip-hop Videos Zim Has Seen

There is hope for Zimbabwean Christian Hip-hop after-all. Early in the year it’s future looked bleak as i highlighted the importance of didactic lyricsim versus self exaltation ad glorification. Tee Mak, a Malaysian based Zimbabwean Gospel artiste is to me a depiction of what we seek in Christian Rap. Even with no video his words are already enough to turn around a life.

The song is titled Heaven and Hell.

I love the song, I love the video. The concept is life and indeed it will go places beyond Zimbabwe. My hope is Zimbabwean’s too will appreciate their own talent and also that he doesn’t fall prey to the self glory phase. It can be tempting when you have such exceptional work.

Speaking to him sometime ago, this is what Tee Mak had to say about the video.

“The first verse talks about when I was stuck and when I was battling self defeating habits. Thus going back and forth and not making any progress in life. I was blinded by the light of my own eyes trying to please society and this I thought was right to do until I saw that it was pushing me back wards. And now Im doing all I can to make things right

The second verse talks about how I finally found out that what I was doing was wrong hence I began to search for the truth. I then realised that I was trapped in the never ending vicious cycle of trying to please society. The reason I was trying to please society in the things that I do was because I had no vision thus I would follow what my friends were doing when in reality its not what I wanted to do.

However I wrote this song in an open ended manner and chose specific words so that the listener can relate and hence give their own interpretation.”

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