T.shoC May Actually Be Insane

TshoC is a Zimbabwean hip-hop artiste whose musical mind vibrates at level that I have declared insanity. Whilst most of us crappy rappers have a simple 1+2 formulae of writing song concepts, perhaps 2x + C for the guys we say are kind of dope but his equations must be encrypted  in complex algorithms.

He may be new to some but those who know him have felt his presence since his 2010 debut offering Diary Of A Mad Black Emcee which was produced mostly by O.P (Bryan Mudarikwa) with features such as I.RIS.

He may be new to some, but he is always new to all, because with each new concept it’s like we’re being reintroduced to him.

The Introduction to his debut for instance was the sound of a pen scribbling on a paper (a diary page of course), which led into the song where he introduced himself saying, “There goes Truth showing hope of change … What it’s in a name?”

Great way to illustrate that it is really a diary.

You may also appreciate that the lyrics “Truth Showing Hope of Change”, form an acronym for TSHOC, which is T.shoC. I still have not figured out why there is a full stop after T, maybe it’s a pause, a moment of silence before “Showing hope of change.”

Perhaps a moment of silence to mourn the death of truth.

Perhaps even the capital C (Change) , is to emphasize the importance of CHANGE in that name.

Perhaps just a form of “Supreme punctuation” if you will.

People like T.shoC rarely do things by accident. – Except when he was walking by at Mashoko, tripped on Enqore’s foot and spilt alcohol on my knees. (jokes, didn’t happen)

What I am saying is, throughout his projects, from the old ones to the recent ones we see quite some out of the box concepts except that they do not go as viral as I would wish. Thus the artiste has a lot of dope concepts that he pioneered and also happens to work with other out of the box thinkers such as Verseless Philo and Os Karr.

The recent Mujaho is awesomely played out like a short film. It looks well scripted and there is a lot of good imagery.

See it here

You look at a song like All We Know where the video kind of reminds me of Kanye West’s All Falls Down. The two projects are crafted to look like they were shot by the main characters own eyes. In other words you cannot see T.shoC in that video unless there is a mirror or reflective surface. You are seeing the world through his physical eyes.

Thus he allows you to be him for some minutes so that you can experience what he is talking about or seeing.  –That’s insane right?

Perhaps you have had a chance to listen to the W.I.P Tape (Work In Progress). If you’re not a bad observer you will confirm that the insanity increased with each offering. We love creative insanity, a guy who is able to get on a beat and do the unexpected. Structuring lyrics and throwing lines that don’t hold presence in your heuristic of what bars are to everybody else.

A T.shoC concept is always a remix.- Perhaps he should add the word (Remix) to each song in his next album. Maybe not…

T.shoC insanity iss different from DJ Tawaz insanity. See there’s a difference between attention seeking through desperately doing unusual things and insanity. Pure, creative good old insanity.

The insanity that dubs Einstein a genius not ndiwoneiwo gimmickry by rappers growing old with teenage minds. With Tek Shawa the methodology is on set speed. It is out of the box; like a Zombie popping out of it’s coffin at 9:25pm to look for chicks at News Cafe.

You can find T.shoC’s work on soundcloud via this link.


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