Stop Ranting And Focus On What You Control

“The DJ’s are not playing Zim Hip-hop”, “Nobody cares about us…”, “The blogs are ignoring my stuff…” and so forth are justifiable excuses I have observed in our Zim Hip-hop industry. Indeed the persons that complain about all this hold a high degree of truth. However, while they do complain about all that Noble Stylz is still number one on the charts, Cal_Vin still got a Cassper Nyovest feature, Plot Mhako is still flying in and out of Zimbabwe. – All these people have had to face the same reality.

Well this advice may actually even help non Hip-hop people, so keep reading.

Hand using a remote control
Control Your Destiny

There is poor support of Hip-hop in Zimbabwe from influential channels and unfortunately ranting cannot oblige DJ’s to play some artiste they probably have never hear off. He may feel entitled to receiving airplay, interviews, blog reviews but it always seems the top channels keep rotating the same caliber of people.

Now, there are things you do not control in life and things you control. The things you control…. you control. The things you do not control…. YOU DO NOT CONTROL.

You do not control the weather…. but you have control over materials that fix Umbrella’s and raincoats…. So human beings instead of ranting in the rainy season about how the rain was stopping them from productivity. They created umbrella’s and all sorts of shelters from the rain. Instead of complaining about heat in the summer (which we do not control), we created fans, air conditioners and refridgerators to cool our beverages. We created clothes that were friendlier to summer.

The things you do not control…. YOU DO NOT CONTROL …. ZiFM Stereo, Star FM and the like are no different. You can influence them by modifying certain manners you do things but you have no control over them.

Deprivation of certain things you do not control maybe really unfair, but like I said… complaining does not make them better. Jesus said, worrying couldn’t grow any hairs…. I will add that ranting too fits to this.

If Power Cuts are stopping your productivity, instead of crying foul about a ZESA which will not change anytime soon, perhaps start saving for alternative power sources or ways of getting the job done with no electricity.

Back To Music

Here is what you control: You control your soundcloud, Who you direct Facebook ads to, The Events you go to, Who you network with, How you treat your first few fans, How much you post on facebook, How consistent you are on soundcloud, How many Hip-hop shows you register to perform in, You can register a free blog as well or better yet a site, videos, collabos (in your reach), freestyle series, podcasting your label …. You are at liberty to start your own cap or T-Shirt brand…. all these things are in your control and how you use them all to your advantage.

Here is what you don’t control: You do not control DJ’s playlists (unless you bribing), you do not control fans reaction to your music (but you control your response to love or hate they show), you do not control what blogs write (but you control the information you make clear in the press release)…. etc.

So really there is no need to dwell 1 hour in some one hour group with unsuccessful people talking behind a blogger, DJ or promoters back. They may be jerks, but see you do not control these dudes. Work on the things you control and trust that eventually those very people that ignored at first will want to be part of the bandwagon.

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