Short Story: Will A Mere Mortal Rob God? by Mcpotar

Will a mere mortal rob God and get away with it? Simon was a few minutes from finding out, when he hopped out of a taxi to be greeted by a young man who was holding a Bible.

“A word with you sir. Two minutes of your time?”

He was familiar with these evangelism teams, they annoyed him. Had he known he would come across one he would have evaded that route, but since this one was actually somebody he knew he stopped to hear it.


“How are you Simon. Would you like to spend a little time with me to talk about Jesus Christ?”

“Sure man, only because it’s you. I do not trust these churches… People are being robbed.”

“I know man. You’re my boy so I’ll tell you this. After my mum died of cancer having given most of her life savings to the church, I was so mad at the church. I knew I had to get in the church, get it back.”

Seeing this would take a while the boys decided to sit by a bench so that Tremaine could narrate his story. To cut a long story short, he explained that this is wheat had happened.

It was December of 2010 in Harare, a month after Tremaine’s mother had died of cancer. She had been a loyal member of a Pentecostal Church where she had been promised healing through out her illness and had pledged a lot of her life savings to the church.

Tremaine, was infuriated and did not want anything to do with the church, especially that one. He had become more agnostic than he had ever been, he sought to revenge on the church and even on God.

Sometimes we all have these question marks that like a noose hang upside down from our heads to strangle our belief.

Tremaine Mahere had an idea. He would rob the church back of the money it had, to replace the money they took from his mother. This would obviously mean that he would have to attend the Church.

On Sunday the 12th of December 2010, the young man entered the auditorium of Triumphant Heirs Tabernacle, where he sung, danced and submitted to an altar call. He confessed that he had accepted Jesus Christ was his Lord and Saviour. Mahere would from that day onward become very consistent in the church and be an active youth member.

In April of 2011, he got baptized by water and began to serve as an usher in the Ministry. Pastor Tembo was pleased that Sharon’s son had finally decided to join the church and actually become a corner stone in making sure that things ran well. However Tremaine had not suddenly repented or changed his plans and Pastor Tembo’s failure to detect his malicious plans were just an indication to him that Pastor Tembo was no prophet, neither was anyone in his elder-ship team.

Pastor Tembo would consistently interrupt the service to make prophecies or predictions, he would fish out women and new member and tell them how  they would become wealthy or get new opportunities.

“Mind games,” Mahere thought. This is the same thing that had happened to his mother. It angered him to even be in Pastor Tembo’s presence but he had to keep his resolve if he was ever to successfully infiltrate the system, figure out where the money would be and steal as much as he could.

Pastor Tembo, called out Tremaine and said, “I see you in the streets, spreading the word of God. You have been anointed to speak to the masses and bring many of them to Christ.”

Tremaine didn’t believe any of this but in order to work an angle he would join the evangelism team and begin to witness.

The story was just getting started and of course as Simon sat with his friend on the bench, leaning forward to hear the story, he could only ask.

“What did you do next?”

To which Tremaine replied, “I worked, the locks. I managed to win the hearts of most members of the church by gestures of err… good will. I mean you know how I became the head-boy back in High School.”

“So did you succeed?”

“It depends how you see it, perhaps am still on it.”

Tremaine laughed as he resumed his story. However, knowing that Simon had probably not planned to spend the next hour listening to a story about his revenge on the church, he excluded a lot of details which he found unnecessary and began at the time he was now close to pastor Tembo, so much he would even drive the mans car.

One would have expected the sermons to have changed his mind. Tembo was a powerful orator, god at crafting words that would push even the greatest miser you would know to fish his pockets for a coin at least.

Tremaine Mahere now knew where the money  was kept and he had managed to make his own spare keys.  All he needed now was to hit the church when it hurt the most and that would be on the thanks giving day of 2013. This was close to two years after his so called repentance.

On November 28, the church would celebrate thanks giving and also start a conference which would last till Sunday. A lot of gifts would be given to the church from congregants.

Alas, the conference was over. The money was in the safe and Tremaine knew how to get it before it went to the bank, so he got in and stole all the stacks he could stacked them into a travel bag and didn’t bother to count them. He locked the safe and wiped the area of any finger prints, he also made sure he would be safe.

He got home, cried for a while as he held his mother’s picture frame.

Then he proceeded to unzip the bag so he could count the money.

He was astonished to see a lot of small Bibles in the bag.

On hearing about this,  Simon sat dazed and  Tremaine, handed him a Bible.

“I now believe. If you want, I’ve got more in the bag. We can go out and spread the Gospel message together!”

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