Short Story : The Hot Summer #FlashFiction

Cheeks bathed in tears, he trembled where he stood. Stared at the ashes that were once home, the charcoal logs that were once sofas, the broken bottles of the vodka that had caused his drowsiness before the fire. He thanked his neighbours for rescuing him once again but he vowed in his mind to never use a candle during a power-cut again. He wasn’t sure if he still liked alcohol either.

Thoughts congregated in his mind to present monologue debates on which selfless soul would help with accommodation till he got back up on his feet. Alex had relatives but wasn’t quite the good relative by societal standards. He attended no funerals, weddings or celebrations and made no visits to even those that stayed close. Divorced by a wife who accused him of not caring about anyone but himself, he mostly kept to himself, had a few ladies on call to serve his morally illicit addictions. Though he didn’t believe in God, he said a little prayer in his heart somehow hoping that the supreme being he didn’t believe to exist could exist for his crisis.

By coincidence or design, a metallic Mercedes Benz parked by his homestead. It was his cousin Aaron, he hopped out of his car traumatized by the state of the house and questioning what happened as he weaved through the crowd that had come to scope the scene.

“I had this dream that I should pay you a visit, I believe it was God telling me to come here,” he said. “I didn’t know your house had burned down. I wanted to just pass by and see you it’s been more than a year.”

The cousins hugged as Alex tried as much to suppress his tears.

“I don’t know what to do… I was sitting over there and having my beer and next thing I was outside. They said I was knocked out when they managed to get in,” Alex stuttered.

“Well, God wanted you to live only he do we thank. Let’s bow our heads in prayer…”

Previously Alex would have scoffed at the idea of praying for solutions but in his situation he was willing to try out this idea of God, after-all he had just got an instantaneous response by Aaron coming.

Aaron offered to live with him at his house while he was getting back on his feet.

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