Review: Zim Femcee Shines in USA on “Far From Home”

The melodies in the first 22 seconds of this song calm your mind, the hook leads in with the message “far from home”. Mina, a female emcee steps into a verse and the irony is she is indeed far from home in the physical, because she is a Zimbabwean soul based in the United States of America.

The theme however is on a spiritual note. She is talking about how she wants to be home to the things of God and see the bigger picture and the truth. So she may see light and those who  are standing with her. Mina talks about how she weighs her options in search of the right choices, finally she expresses how the gift of music is the only thing she’s ever had from childhood and thanks God for that blessing.

Lady Resin in her verse talks about how the world has stopped paying attention to truth and reason. How social media has changed peoples whole focus to trivial things. She has awoken and felt that this has put the people far from home. She is worried that the sould does not grow from this all but she wants to be set free from the shackles of indulgence in these addictions.

The instrumentation is dome well, with mellow vocals. DJ Smileyface, Ladyresin and Mina did well on this one.

Third verse is a charm and is executed more differently, with uplifting lyricism before the song fades out in the chorus.

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