Review: Nox Pleads With Girl In To Stay In “One More Time”

Relationships are sweet when you see a newly formed couple holding hands, blushing and showing a lot of P.D.A on Facebook. You wish you were in love, however with the dynamics, twists and turns you realize it’s not always rosy.

Sometimes we make errors that put the relationship on the line. So many deal breakers that can happen. Bae can decide to drift away and call for a break.

Zimbabwean hitmaker Nox decided to address this issue in “One More Time”, a music offering where he pleads about how his life would be meaningless with out this girl who seems to feel like she is done with him.

He promises to better and this song may serve as a dedication fans who relate may use to lure back a drifting partner.

What I like about it is that it speaks of real life. Every man who has been in a relationship can relate because they have gotten to this point before. There are ways of keeping a relationship long term (you can read about 7 of them here) and this is one of those ways.

Big up to Nox for that fly offering you can stream it below:

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