Review: Aytee x Taku – African Queen (Hip-hop)

Cyprus based producer/rapper Arlington Taylor (Aytee) and Taku united forces some time ago to create a beautiful sound titled African Queen. The track is of course about an African girl who has mesmerized a young King.

In the song Taku promises to love this queen and give her all she desires from him On the other hand Aytee surfs on the break-beats with rhymes.  This is the type of offering that will drive a few amperes of current down a girls spine.

We are probably assuming by African Queen he means a black girl, plus well the artwork has a sexy black girl on it. An illustration. However as the listener you are free to think of this African girl as Caucasian, Asian or any race as being African is no longer based on race but rather where the heart belongs.

Taku (also known as Taku Muna,especially on social media), is the voice on verse two and three, and he’s there to give a twist to the song highlighting in second verse how his “African Queen” gives him a euphoric feeling and how his willingness to commit to her majesty. expressing his feelings. Being a rapper he couldn’t forget to add braggadocio raps in third verse of course.

Arlington Taylor tailored a fusion for the female ears. The drums are guaranteed to caress their ear drums. It also something young men who are still in their hey days can relate to. Personally I think I am adding this to my “Me and Bae” combined play-list. The song Will be available on the following platforms :e you to purchase this track and support the artist or at least give it some spins on Spotify.





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