Pharoahs of The New School Unite in – Munondivengereyi

If you’e been following people personal favourite lists in Zim hip-hop you  have probably found out that two fequent names in it are Muamargadaffi and Acie Lumumba. No… I’m lying, it’s Sharky ad Karma. Karma is in it for his Illmatic like Chasing Moments whilst Sharky  is in it for his Reasonable Doubt like Soko Matemai.

Hearing thatt the tw would collaborate felt like what someone from America would feel about a J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar abum I tell you. As soon as the T1 Wema1 created artwork was out I tod myself I would be followingg this.

Strategically released on the 8th of June, which also happened to bbe Sharky’s birthday, the song Munondivengereyi (why do you hate me) has brilliant lyrical engineering from both rap pharoahs. As if that was not enough, from Mix masters International the nerd producer Rayobeats put in wortth with the Hitmen to produce this heat man!

Sharky gliding culturally with his shona and English bars ging ham on it and Karma coming back to maintain the damage like Zim’s version of Holy Key, The Hitmen being Khaled I guess.

In case you got mischievous and unfollowed me, my twitter handle is still @Mcpotar, but before you click mine. Consider the ones below from the Pahroahs of the new School (and I ain’t talking R.Peels… he’s technically their kid:




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