The Truth About KIRF (Keep It Real Fridays) @keepitrealfri

Keep It Real Fridays a.k.a KIRF is a Zimbabwean podcast series dedicated to Zim Hip-hop, created by Capital 26free (a rising podcast brand in Zimbabwe).

The show has been presented by Amard, Brian Willis (Cashbid) , Mimie Kay and Selentine and has featured numerous bands and artistes, among them Tehn Diamond, Tytan, MMT, R.Peels, Bry360, Marcus Mafia and Veryus.
The presenters “keep it real” by using the unconventional Charlamaine Tha god approach of grilling the interviewee. They had an infamous one with Tehn Diamond.

It is Hip-hop. Tempers can flare on set.

Now that I have given a brief background of the KIRF initiative. I would like to explain that the podcast has received love and hate from different aspects.

Before I expand on the love and hate. Note that hate is not inherently bad, neither is love inherently good. Someone can love something bad while someone can hate something good.

So before we judge those who seem to hate “KIRF” let’s keep in mind that KIRF could be a bad thing from their perspective but my article is from the perspective where KIRF is good.

One – Podcasting Is Alternative Radio

If you are enemies with mainstream anything like myself then you probably do not listen to radio but over the wee k you choose the propaganda you prefer.

I for one choose several online web-series and KIRF. It may have it’s own bias here and there but it introduces me to different artistes where radio repeats features on pretty much the same 2% in Zim Hiphop.

KIRF may turn into the same monster as it becomes bigger but I hope not.

Two – People Prefer Listening To Reading

Okay, this is an assumption. I have not done any academic research on this but naturally I assume people would rather hear stuff than read it.

If you are an artiste and are given the opportunity to speak to the people in your own voice it makes better impression than a blog-post because your emotion is felt.

Very few bloggers are good enough writers to bring out the emotion in your words.

Three – It is on a Global Medium

Unlike other podcasts, KIRF like all Capital 26free podcasts has secured it’s space on and will definitely populate other ones in future. has many successful podcasts and a proven market base for those who already love podcasts. Sooner or later it will have a larger following.

Do not be a late adopter of things that already show greatness.

Four –  Content Consistency

Over the past 5 years I have seen all consistent projects to turn out successful especially in their 2nd year. KIRF’s conversion period may be even speedier because it is not by newbies.

They have managed to pull highly esteemed figures to their studio in less than a year. KIRF is run by former PushZw and Olova Music founders so they are not in their “learning the basics phase”, they already avoided what’s wack and are applying what works.

Undermine them at your own peril.

Final Word

KIRF had its flaws as a platform but I chose not to air where they err. See a lot of armchair experts who have never constructed anything are itching to give constructive criticism. To give opinions when they have not executed examples.

I will not be one of them.

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Pharoahs of The New School Unite in – Munondivengereyi

If you’e been following people personal favourite lists in Zim hip-hop you  have probably found out that two fequent names in it are Muamargadaffi and Acie Lumumba. No… I’m lying, it’s Sharky ad Karma. Karma is in it for his Illmatic like Chasing Moments whilst Sharky  is in it for his Reasonable Doubt like Soko Matemai.

Hearing thatt the tw would collaborate felt like what someone from America would feel about a J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar abum I tell you. As soon as the T1 Wema1 created artwork was out I tod myself I would be followingg this.

Strategically released on the 8th of June, which also happened to bbe Sharky’s birthday, the song Munondivengereyi (why do you hate me) has brilliant lyrical engineering from both rap pharoahs. As if that was not enough, from Mix masters International the nerd producer Rayobeats put in wortth with the Hitmen to produce this heat man!

Sharky gliding culturally with his shona and English bars ging ham on it and Karma coming back to maintain the damage like Zim’s version of Holy Key, The Hitmen being Khaled I guess.

In case you got mischievous and unfollowed me, my twitter handle is still @Mcpotar, but before you click mine. Consider the ones below from the Pahroahs of the new School (and I ain’t talking R.Peels… he’s technically their kid:




Award Winning Fun F Produces Noble Stylz – Mari Kuna Papa

Over the years I have seen no need to review Noble Stylz tracks butt have reviewed some of them nevertherless. It is a fixed match, I placed him on my default dope list with Sharky, Karma, Synik, Karizma and Munetsi.

However in case someone had not heard of God’s hip-hop gift to Masvingo. I have to once in a while not ignore this talented genius rapper and just give him his props publicly.

The new track is titled Mari Kuna Papa, if you hate reading reviews like myself reviews you can scroll to the bottom of this post for the link.

Well he went and hired in another genius to work on the instrumentation. Fun F, a producer I have seen grow from the time we undermined his contribution as an industry to the time every artiste wanted to e in on that GAJ. The producer slash rapper managed to create a stellar production for the new Noble Stylz joint.

I have always considered his chosen stage name somewhat funny, but the success he is making is definitely not funny. He has the last laugh, he is laughing to the bank with this. Mari Kuna Papa but  also Mari Kuna Fun F.

The artwork was done by currently the best Zim Hip-hop go to guy for artwork, T1 Wema1.

In case you got naughty and unfollowed me wqqhile  was away, here is a link to my twitter account It is mandatory to follow this @Mcpotar.

Dowload Noble Stylz Mari Kuna Papa

Zimbabwes Best Dancers Give Us – Chekeche

It is a public secret that multiple award winning choreographer John Cole is the best known in the land thuus far. He never disappoints and he is taking his artistry to a “whole ‘nother level”. If you thought featuring on the most important projects last year was enough you had no idea that the gentleman doesn’t know when to stop.

His new Chekeche dance for the  Military Touch Movement is definitely something to write crib about. I mean you should see the the moves.

I think Simba G did god work on this one. The setting is favourable as well. They are in front of ba normal residential yard which makes the dance relatable to the regular man. We can identify with the location. Simba G has shot many videos over the years including many  Trae Yung productions at TMG. He is certainly skilled.

I only wish he had introduced us to the other dancers in the videos with more close ups. We know John Cole, we could tell it was him from the distance, but his team needed a bit of close up treatment. A few night scenes would have also made  a huge difference. You know, lights illuminating a wet  surface, new costumes  and such for variation.

However it does quite great for  a cover and like I said. John Cole never dissappoints his fans.

Check out the video in the link below.



Zim Born Diva Features In Scooby Nero Washkalakunda Remix

You may have bopped your head to the track by Scooby Nero, Washkalakunda. It’s the type that gets girls twerking on the dance-floor and rescues a gig from being a flop. DJ’s are in love with this one.

Well there is a remix whose audio was released some months ago but more recently there is a remix which features Gigi Lamayne, Maraza , MizDee , AB-Crazy.

Uh oh! I know what you’re thinking. When you saw the name Gigi Lamayne you thought she’s the Zim Diva I was talking about because she has been rumored before to be from Zimbabwe (she explained here). However the diva I am talking about is none other than Miz Dee, a petite melanin beauty with enticing lyrics.

She opens the song as she dances with her entourage in a short skirt. She has developed over the years a Jamaican Lingo and to stick to her roots she even has Shona added to the lyrics.

In an interview with the diva she said, “Scoobynero hit me in the DM and expressed that he loved my style of music after he’d listened to one of my tracks. He wanted some of that steez on his Remix for washkalakunda. I listened to the track and it was a banger and so we recorded my verse the next day.”

She went on to compliment that  Maraza’s verse was lit.

I will say, I first knew of Miz Dee in 2013, back then she was steadily pushing her music at every opportunity she got. Her relentless effort has made her rise especially when she started fusing her music with the dancehall culture.

“Stay tuned… A lot is in the pipeline… next up is the video for RadioSexx another dancehall feature I did with Scoobynero. The audio is out now. For now I’m just looking forward to #washkalakundaremix hitting the screens hard!”

She’s sexy, energetic and has this confidence in herself. I loved this one.

You can watch it here.

Are You The Artist People Are Willing To Pay?

A lot of people are in the arts but very few people are in the arts industry as much as they may assume they are. Industrializing something has everything to do with the commercial aspect and now I know many creative people wish to get to a point where they can be paid for what they do but sadly many have
e spent years without ever materializing anything.

As an info-preneur who spent many years trying to get paid for his first artistic job I will cut the journey short for you today by actually outliningthe sort of habits you need to develop and other courses of action.

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One – Be Good At What You Do

Be good at what you do and take all criticism seriously even that which you may be easily tempted to brush off as easily destructive. Some people just have a bad way of giving advice and sometimes despite their rude approach what they are telling you to consider may need attention. Do not just practice for months without ensuring that you are practicing the right way.

do not have 10 years experience of doing the wrong thing.

Two – Be Seen Doing What You Do

You know that famous exposure and props thing artistes hate but still do? – Yes do it. If you get paid while you are at it that’s great but sometimes you must swallow your pride if you are an unknown in your field and actually get into symbiotic agreements with people you can help in exchange for your exposure.  I’m actually typing tis and thinking I could use a bit more of my advice.


The world today demands a sample that you are good at what you do. A demonstration. No one is willing to pay you for what you are qualified to do, but they are willing to pay you for what you can apply from that qualification.

If you say you are a social media marketer and you have not one client whose twitter account you can prove to have boosted, even if you passed Social Media Marketing in University a serious company will still rather higher some kid who has managed to market events and himself to maybe 100,000 followers without the degree.

Now I am not saying do not do degrees. If you must get good as mentioned in step one, study is not bad. However after you study, apply what you studied and create your portfolio through the so called “free exposure”.

Free exposure is only free to unplanned artists.

Three – Set up Shop

Now that you are good and you’ve acquired a lot of exposure why don’t you start prospecting for paid jobs, using footage on how you moved the crowd in your free shows or showing them the graphics you did for so and so. See up bank accounts and even a company if need be.

Some payments may not proceed for lack of a simple bank account. It all depends who you are prospecting to. Fix where the money is going to go and how it is to be used before it is even approved.

Four – Stay Prepared
Know your plan daily so that one day if you accidentally bum into a rare business man you benefit from it.

Most artistes will bump into Jay Z and only have a selfie to show for it, which is great. See if you have  a plan you should already know what you would say to Strive Musiyiwa if you met him other than can we take a selfie, because if you do not intrigue him in those few minutes he’s gone again.

You get some instagram likes, but as soon as the picture scrolls down the page it’s an opportunity lost.

So by set-up shop I mean simple things like, having easy to remember links to all your projects.

For instance I have this show reel under if anyone asks to see my animatin they can see a sample in 44 seconds. It wont cost much on their data. You can join shorten links to your portfolios or just set up a website where everything someone needs to know about you is available.

The good part is it can even be a free blog but depending who you are marketing to some people may respect you more if it’s an exclusive domain.

When I was less organized I would send a potential interested person 4 or 5 full links which would obviously be a turn off.

Five – Distinguish Your Approach From Free Art

If the art you sell is the same quality  as art others are giving for free then there is really no need for people to buy yours even if it’s good. Since they can get other art as good as yours for free if you do not distinguish yours you will suffer.

Competition is always thick hence you need to add a unique selling proposition that they will not find elsewhere. Only your friends and relatives will buy from you something they can get free.

The more irreplaceable you are the more valuable you are.


Have fun. Yes I am back… the twitter handle is still @Mcpotar in case you were naughty and decided to unffollow me.

New African History Webseries on Youtube

In the month of May whilst this website was down was Africa Day. The unthinQ team decided to release an African Web-series called African Dynasties. African Dynasties is a web series which focuses on biographies of important figures in Africa, particularly the heroes that helped liberate Africa from colonialism.

The unthinQ team comprises of : Monalisa K Chishato, Michael Mupotaringa, Ellen A. Mubwanda, Arlington T. Mawarire, Tanyaradzwa Masaire and Brian Mandimika. It is a team created for the purpose creating 2D animation projects within Africa.

Yes, I listed myself in 3rd person (Michael Mupotaringa). It is allowed.

The first episode honoured Winnie Madikizela Mandela, the ex-wife of the late great Nelson Mandela. It was scipted by Monalisa Chishato and Ellen Alexa Mubwanda and the voiced by Ellen. The background music in the show was done by Arlington Taylor “Aytee” Mawarire, our logo by Brian ‘Cashbid” Mandimika and the animation was done by Michael “Mcpotar” Mupotaringa. – Yes I did that third person thing again.

Watch it here and subscribe to the young Channel.


Review: Aytee x Taku – African Queen (Hip-hop)

Cyprus based producer/rapper Arlington Taylor (Aytee) and Taku united forces some time ago to create a beautiful sound titled African Queen. The track is of course about an African girl who has mesmerized a young King.

In the song Taku promises to love this queen and give her all she desires from him On the other hand Aytee surfs on the break-beats with rhymes.  This is the type of offering that will drive a few amperes of current down a girls spine.

We are probably assuming by African Queen he means a black girl, plus well the artwork has a sexy black girl on it. An illustration. However as the listener you are free to think of this African girl as Caucasian, Asian or any race as being African is no longer based on race but rather where the heart belongs.

Taku (also known as Taku Muna,especially on social media), is the voice on verse two and three, and he’s there to give a twist to the song highlighting in second verse how his “African Queen” gives him a euphoric feeling and how his willingness to commit to her majesty. expressing his feelings. Being a rapper he couldn’t forget to add braggadocio raps in third verse of course.

Arlington Taylor tailored a fusion for the female ears. The drums are guaranteed to caress their ear drums. It also something young men who are still in their hey days can relate to. Personally I think I am adding this to my “Me and Bae” combined play-list. The song Will be available on the following platforms :e you to purchase this track and support the artist or at least give it some spins on Spotify.





Google Play


For social Media, You can reach AyTee and Taku on the following:



soundcloud –

Facebook –

Twitter –

LinkedIn –

Instagram –

gmail –

Snapchat – a.taylor07