Number One on The To Marry List 2016 – Revealed

As promised in a previous post. The final candidate on the To Marry List would be announced after 48 hours. If you do not yet understand what the “to marry list” is, you may want to refer to this article.

The to marry list is not necessarily a list of ladies I am involved with. It may or may not contain them. It is also not a “10 Most Sexy Women List”. It is a fun list, for fun people to read, it is an appreciation list that can allow us to appreciate the single females around us. Single in the real context does not at all mean, women who aren’t dating. I mean it in the context of women who are not married. Damsel is the other word or spinsters.

So if anyone happens to be dating or making advances on any of them, it is completely cool. There is more reason to if they are this appreciated. I say this because I have received hate-mail after such lists. I have also received hate-calls from a handful of girls as well as being biased.

Indeed this list is unapologetically based on my bias, it is not democratically voted for. In fact anyone is allowed to go and make their own if they feel offended if it makes them feel better.

That said, moving on from the trolls of Facebook, I will give a bit of background.

Blacperl Bho ZvekutiI stopped doing Woman Crush Wednesdays a few months ago, just to be grateful for feminine beauty under a different phrase, “WonderGurlWednesdays” which is “WGW”. Would have made it “Wonder Woman Wednesdays” in which case it would be “www” which is “world wide web”.

Blackperl was the first on #WonderGurlWednesdays. She also happens to be in this years “To Marry List” if you already read it.



Still would have been dope. To Marry List, is a 2015 invention which countered the usual “Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In Zimbabwe” which sounds common. So because the women picked out in the To Marry List are not common and the criterion is not common I had to come up with an 8 lady-appreciation list. It has 8 because it is done in the 8th month, my birthday month.

Having listed the other 7 on Monday, I needed the last one to be combined to her scheduled #WonderGurlWednesday post and of course it’s none other than the entertainment princess Monalisa Chishato. As many of you already expected.

I’d rather call her Miss Mona though.

Beautiful Zimbabwean Girls


Tall, curvy, voluptuous, beautiful, brown skin toned go getter, with a passion for music, lifestyle and literature. Monalisa is a Harare born lady in her mid-twenties, an extrovert with a mystique you’d still want to explore. Proudly a UZ (University of Zimbabwe) graduate, so she wore the black gown first before the white. She arranges a lot of entertainment events under a start-up called 1807 Events which you may recall to have been involved in the famously successful Soko Matemai 25 June event.

Also the Vice Chairperson of Twimbos Giving Hope, a charity organization.

Miss Mona has also organized other functions such as TSMR (The Street My Runway) in 2015, which was where I first met her in person. It was a fashion showcase event which she organized with her team. Greeted by her hospitality she ushered me to where I would sit and I noted her good gift of public relations from there-on. She says, she goes to many of these events to see how they are done and has been working hard and tirelessly to start building an image which is fast gaining traction.

So with all this mentioned you can see she is not just the #WonderGurlWednesday and #1 on the 2016 to marry list due to our strong business relations.

10 Most Beautiful Zimbabwean Girls

The blog has many of her thoughts by the way.  Would have shown you another but I am not sure if I am allowed to unveil it at this point.

Apart from her own blog, the wondergurl has written a lot of great news material for Michael Shoko’s  Zimbuzz, which I will claim to be the fastest growing celebrity news website, if not already the most consistent.

Now, the hater populous of you will say, “Who can’t write a gossip or celebrity article,” till you stumble upon her fiction writing. The short stories and the novels which I hope will not be abandoned mid-way. The ambition is there.

The ambition is sweet but it’s more important than that!

Hopefully we see Miss Mona, with her own TV slot one day and this can only be done if she continues to get credit on merit as she does. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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