Music Review: Ulethu Asks For “Another Chance”

Nobody is born perfect on this tiny planet, no one dies perfect, we are all flawed to the extent oof wronging other humans through our existence. We all err. Ulethu, an afro-house / pop female sensation in Zimbabwe’s pop culture, comes through once again with a record you should give a chance.

In fact if you didn’t like her last releases such as Huya and and Tell Me (which we wrote about here, perhaps you need to give her another chance. Perhaps her melodies might tango with your ear-drums. Maybe her sound might make your eardrums vibrate in sync with the heartbeat of your soul.

Another Chance is a soulful offering where she allows the instrumental to say most of the message. The lyrics are simple and direct. She penned these lyrics in Ndebele/ Zulu and she once again like in most of her offerings talking to a lover who has probably left.

She makes him reminisce the things they’ve been through together hoping he may give her Another Chance to a better woman. Perhaps not matter what gender you are you will still relate to a situation where you’ve betrayed your forever and need them to come back to the reconciliation table.

perhaps if you’re lost for words, down and not knowing what to say next to that person, you may sennd them a link to this song so Ulethu may be your messenger.

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