McLyne – Dope But Overlooked (@MclyneBeats)

Since the year 2015 producer Mclyne’s name has been on the rise as he produced various hits and singles, some of which were included in full albums and EP’s. He is popular for a number of tracks such as Myke Pimp’s Hararre Hairarwe and Hundare which became hits.

In 2014 Mclyne also had his fair share of hits especially in the Kidd Active catalogue. The young guy seems to have affiliation with G Records and is probably one of the best rising producers to kick it in this generation. Having produced records for Te3vo, Myke Pimp, Meyniak, Kidd Active and T1 Wema 1 among others. I respect his craft.

Mclyne On A BeatHis name on the other hand has been associated with mischief. Notorious for screenshots of his chicks and side chicks on Facebook, Mclyne’s social media profile can be hilarious with content his colleagues would probably flag as “thirsty”.

In my opinion Mclyne is a top level beatmaker who has been  over-looked by the industry. He basically touches work that turns into gold but somehow he is not as appreciated as I’d expect.  I expect Mclyne to be all over news, publications and kicking radio interviews beyond The Fixx.

Brand image is a thing most producers sleep on but in this independent hustle it has become important to stand out, probably the way Anonzi Xndr does.

The reason it’s important to stand out as an independent producer and do things old time producers never got to do is that there is no record label to push you. In the traditional system, the producer could afford to be less visible and concentrate on mixing and mastering because he’d still get clients because there were A & R scouts taking care of that.

Mclyne has of course managed to tag his music with his “Mclyne on the beat” tag, which helps him gain presence with his hits as they are passed on but there is still much to be done. Website address, signature dress-code, photo-shots and so forth.

The responsibility to initiate these things and be taken as seriously as he should rests upon only him. No one else is responsible for being slept on except the individual slept on.

Hopefully my advice to Mclyne will be helpful for any other producer out ther who wants to do it harder.

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Listen to his latest production – T1 Wema1 – Tachigwinha ft. Ti Gonzi and Galis Kush (Hot punchlines in there)



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