Jnr Brown Grips Chibuku Deal (@JnrBrown263)

Harare – It is a historic moment in Zim Hip-hop today as we just received news that a Hip-hop artiste, Jnr Brown has clinched a deal with Chibuku and will be promoting the brand. The multi-award winning hit-maker who recently is on his come back with songs like Amen, Tongogara and Amen has been doing pretty well lately. Performances, interviews and such and I will say this is not the first time he has had an endorsement from a beverage company.

However this is historic because the typical Hip-hop head stereotype would probably think Chibuku is something aligned with Sungura icons such as Macheso. This is because of how the Chibuku road shows back in the day gave much recognition to these genres however times are changing and so are mindsets and today we have Jnr Brown, a Zimbabwean Hip-hop artiste getting this endorsement deal.

The managers at Chibuku had great words to say about the artiste and have been excited to enter into business with the guy who they sometimes call “Samanyanga”.

“I think Jnr Brown is a unique talent! I heard him live on radio one morning and I knew that he would be perfect to help carry the campaign. Its about togetherness, brotherhood… and as Super has introduced a younger drinker to our brand, such a partnership just makes sense…” Karen Dhliwayo – Chibuku Brand Manager

Junior Brown himself mentioned that he was happy to see how relevant the “Super” chibuku brand had become relevant as a preferred drink in the communities.

“PaBlock, most of the youth find ‘Super’ to be their preferred social drink nowadays, as its readily available, affordable and can be shared amongst friends. As we get more western in our communities, it’s refreshing to see a big corporate making a solid effort to conscientise everyone, especially the youth, about the totems in our country.” Jnr Brown – Artist

Well of course we could not leave out comments from his producer, brother and manager, Begotten Sun who has been putting in work to represent the Jnr Brown brand. I would like to believe he and other people had a hand in landing this deal as they work as a big family at KYN.

“We believe Jnr Brown and the Chibuku Super are a perfect fit. Both are young, but carry a strong traditional heritage. Jnr Brown is like a “carbonated” Nyanduri! His “Nhetembos” are radio friendly and easy to consume for people of all walks of life. As Chibuku ventures into celebrating Heritage and pride in our Mutopo and Culture, we believe Jnr Brown is a perfect fit to carry that message to the mass market. As a Mhofu, I was very chuffed to see my Totem on a bottle and read the zvidawu-dawu that I never actually knew in the papers.” BegottenSUN – Producer

Download the new track “Super Super” and Watch the making on fb.com/jnr-brown-page (Official Hi-Res Images: kynrecords.com/JBPress)

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