Is There A Future For American Sounding Navy Seal?

Possibly Bulawayo’s finest thoroughbred when it comes to flow on English lyrics, Navy Seal’s position in a once urban groove dominated Zimbabwe is still a topic of debate. he this week released a new song titled 100 Dollar Bills which was welcomed with mixed feelings. None denied the superb flows but some argued that he was too “American’ on it.

A case in point would be the insightful review by African Hip-hop Blog which applauded Navy for his ability deliver and flow but slammed him for rapping about stuff which they believed was not relateable to the African context.

This has not been a  line of thought unique to only AHHB, over the years a lot of people have said the term despite the artiste making it to the charts with Elevated, which was pretty much that sound some years ago and later winning the Best Group award of 2015 under the Art Department.

The Art Department basically also flaunts about lives that we would call make belief. Is there an audience for this out there.

Well, people do bump to it when it’s Weezy and Yeezy and even Jeezy and the obvious reason is that it is actually  authentic when done by them. Then again, who is to say art cannot have that make-belief license. Is it me, is it you?

Well it is the target audience…

So I say as long as Navy Seal is planning to distribute this music to a certain part of the Zimbabweans (the audience that frowns upon that) he may want to listen to that criticism and base his message on things closer to home even when he is going to flaunt. If 60% of your listenership is local and you send your stuff to local radio stations it means your audience is those local people and no matter how much you defend your art it will come dow to , “Are you fulfilling that needs.”

However he should never compromise too much of his art if his mind is set on the sound he wants. After-all 100 Dollar Bill lyrics don’t have anything unrealistic as compared to previous joints. Navy Seal has grown up but I guess people still predict the content by accent.

On the other end of the argument, some say Navy Seal is an export and he is MTV material. I agree, Navy Seal is MTV material yes indeed, but smell the coffee, “He is not on MTV yet… he is on ZTV”.  It would be wise to build the links that can get that music in Atlanta, Chicago and what have you I guess but I am saying as long as his CD’s are mainly being spun by national radio stations, the criticism is inevitable.

Anyway if you are a reader of Mcpotar.Com luckily you can enjoy Navy Seal so there will be no need for you to worry what people in chemukatikati think about African American Accents right?
Why don’t you follow this link below to the new Navy Seal – 100 Dollar Bill, featuring Phuture Phil who also happens to have done the production on this massive jam.

Download 100 Dollar Bills.

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