Introducing Slim Stan – Hupfu EP – Why I’m Impressed (@ndislimstan)

Stan “Slim Stan” Savanhu is a Zimbabwean Hip-hop artiste who is pushing work to break-out in a noisy over-crowded Hip-hop. I downloaded his recent EP some days ago and forgot about it but stumbled on it as I scrolled through my downloads folder. – Thank God I engage in that practice regularly.

The project which is embodied by a new school trap feel is impressive as far as delivery (though I will touch on how it may improve) , beats and lyrics. The major aspects he needs work with is the artwork, branding and marketing. It was terrible.

In his title track “Hupfu” he likens his bars to “hupfu” (mealie-meal/ maize powder). There are many ways you could interpret this figuratively. At a basic level mealie-meal powder grains are uncountable, so he may be saying his “bars” are so many they are hard to count. On the other hand “hupfu” is the staple food of Zimbabwe and it used to make Sadza which gives energy and is the major commodity for almost every Zimbabwean (even in South Africa as pap).

This means his music is also that important. It feeds the populous and his hood Glen View, Harare, which he speaks much about. The instrumental to Hupfu was made by a producer by the name of Greek who also did work on the intro. The hook in “hupfu” was almost sloppy but I see what he was trying to make.

The intro is beautiful by the way, I have my reservations about profanity in some of the lyrics but then again if I can listen to the “F” word from Nas, I can give Slim Stan a chance. I’m just saying, profanity in Zim can keep one from being taken seriously by gatekeepers of the mainstream.

Another notable track to look out for is “Ndinorima Rap”produced by Ti Beats. I must say all these are producers I’d never heard of. The only guy I knew prior to this is Trap-C who produced “Never See Me Coming”.

He rounds off the EP with a Legion production titled, Take You Home, which is a love song. The hook is beautiful.

If theres anything I want him to improve on it’s diversifying delivery styles. He is comfortable in pretty much the same delivery style through out the EP but I believe he will put work in and improve on that.  The artwork too is unforgivable.

Another thing the EP fails to do on the downside is address subject matters that make him look human, except in the love song. The whole EP is about how dope Slim Stan is and how he is coming to reign, how he runs stuff. It doesn’t ouch on his weak aspects or his losses. I hope to see that touched on when he finally makes an EP

You can download his EP via his hulkshare account here. 

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