InTheCity :Elevating Urban Lifestyle Publicity

For so long one of the unfulfilled voids of our entertainment industry in the urban set up has been the lack of innovative strategists. Zimbabwe has been in need of progressive frontiers of the urban culture and even though many have risen, they have not been enough to carry us. – InTheCity  a fast growing entertainment movement that strongly believes in supporting local content they specialize  in event management , publicity ,fashion and visuals to mention but a few , IntheCity aims to provide an Urban Inspired Lifestyle experience .

InTheCity is originates from the City of Kings (Bulawayo) where it has been in involved in several events especially in the first quarter of the year.

They have however decided to brand themselves by building a website called a beautifully crafted corporate website with simple navigation that shows the areas they deal in and various images, musical swnippets from events they have so far hosted.

On top of that they have ventured into Music world by combining four of Bulawayo’s top Rappers akidwitNoTahg , Indigo Saint GT Flykidd (whose song was reviewed in Zaangoma Episode 4) and KamzThxPxpe and One of the slickest producers in the underground Ruthless Beats , to give you one of the a promising hit titled InTheCity Anthem the song was also recorded at HardRoom92 dojo.

Inthecity is set to release the single via ecocash and will be having a single launch event to compliment the release of the full song.

IntheCity have in the meanwhile dropped a video trailer and snippet for the Anthem.


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