Guluva 7 Chooses Zim Hip-hop Soccer Team

I had an interview with Bulawayo born, award winning, Ndebele rap lyricist, Guluva 7. We talked about much in an interview where he revealed his chosen soccer team for Hip-hop.  Read the interview below.


You won an award last year. What category was it and how did it feel?

I won best newcomer and boy, I was overwhelmed by winning considering the other nominees I was up against.

Who was the first person you called when you got the award?

My parents…they been behind me since my drama days at primary school. So the award was an achievement to them too.

Are you a fan of soccer?

Very much…I even play social soccer during weekends. Proudly Bosso, Chelsea, Messi and Warriors supporter.

If you were to choose 5 Zim Hip-hop artistes for a soccer team, who would you put in that team?

Defence I’d have Gze and Mc Chita…midfield POY and Jnr Brown…strike force Myself lol. There should be a keeper though.

What would you call that team?

ZHH United.

Speaking of ZHH United. Outside of soccer, would you say ZHH is united?

Well hip-hop will always be hip-hop…there’s always affiliations and competition which sometimes lead to beef etc. I’d say we are united in the sense that we all got one goal which is making the genre big in the country and making that cheese.

If you were to propose to any femcee in Zimbabwe. Who would it be?

Tiara Baluti hope I got that right.

 Awesome. In closing, what would you like to say to none Bosso supporters?

Stop hooliganism… We’d have Big Mike and Moskito the boxer instead of Peter and Khama if soccer was about violence. Plus this year we bringing the PSL title home lol.

Great interview we had. View his music on soundcloud.  


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