Girls Will Love This New Song

I grew up a hater. A hater of RnB songs  and singing. It was partly because I suck at singing and I wasn’t too good with women either. Never came off as as the Casanova. Well a young king by the name of Steve YP, collaborated with a mellow RnB guy to create a beautiful song.

Ndokuudza Sei is the name of this jam and it was produced by Urboi Jocka, who also created a really strong instrumental as far as rap and RnB are concerned. Do not mistake this one with the Mafriq classic hit, Ndomuudza Sei although it plays around the same topic.

Steve YP is like an Mc Cut, impeccable flows and even some witty punchlines in the verse. I am sold, his delivery is fluid. He has a great track right now and what he needs to do is to push this track because many people relate to his subject matter.

Like I said earlier on, back in my day I was not quite the cassanova. Well I still am terrible with women, except that nowadays I propose to them at gun point. They have no choice.

Ndokuudza Sei? Hmmm a great offering. Please download or stream it below.

Download – Ndokuudza Sei

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