Chizzoe May Be A Top 10 Lyricist Of This Prime

The first time I remember ever hearing Chizzoe was in his “bar-for-bar” lyrical rampage titled Garai Pasi which featured Sharky and Don Cavelle. I even reviewed it on this blog and I felt he had some of the most competitive bars on the track alongside Sharky whom I’ve long accepted to be beast-ly in that area. Chizzoe was new to me, surprized me.

Respect was then considered…

The Mutare born rapper dropped  “Shinda Mugedhi” which undoubtedly managed to hasten the consideration process ranking him as possibly one of the top 10 bar-for-bar Shona rap lyricists active at the moment in the country.

We do not really want to argue about the Kings who spat before he did.  Chizzoe probably respects them all. Our emphasis is on the year 2016. How many songs will fairly challenge the bars in Shinda or even in Garai Pasi bar-for-bar even from previously crowned kings?

Bars he’s got… Applaud him for that without asking him to tone down.  No room for jealousy. Let’s not wait for him to do something “huge” to start recognizing this artistry.  We do that a lot and we’re good at it. We back winners but we do not want to back them before we see it. Chizzoe literary plays Kung Fu with wordplay and aggression.

A black-belt in kicking metaphors on banging beats. A reputation being created.

The song “Shinda Mugedhi” is produced by Victor Enlisted who is also now doing production for T1 Wema1 and offered refuge when Pmula fled from Anonzi Xndr. There have been a lot of productions coming from his booth.

The song is generally braggadocio and bars.

With hard Shona bars like , “Vakunamira kuseri kwe beef yevamwe kunge ndove”

“Mukukandirana nyama but beef yacho hais’ kumb-lander pama braai stand”

He is talking about the game as a soccer metaphor and how he is scoring big goals that tear the nets in it. Too many quotables of rhyme and reason.

Don’t mess with Chizzoe “Chizzombie Chema Bars”, get his music below.  Keep getting updates from me by signing up for email updates and following @Mcpotar on twitter.


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