Review: Nox Pleads With Girl In To Stay In “One More Time”

Relationships are sweet when you see a newly formed couple holding hands, blushing and showing a lot of P.D.A on Facebook. You wish you were in love, however with the dynamics, twists and turns you realize it’s not always rosy.

Sometimes we make errors that put the relationship on the line. So many deal breakers that can happen. Bae can decide to drift away and call for a break.

Zimbabwean hitmaker Nox decided to address this issue in “One More Time”, a music offering where he pleads about how his life would be meaningless with out this girl who seems to feel like she is done with him.

He promises to better and this song may serve as a dedication fans who relate may use to lure back a drifting partner.

What I like about it is that it speaks of real life. Every man who has been in a relationship can relate because they have gotten to this point before. There are ways of keeping a relationship long term (you can read about 7 of them here) and this is one of those ways.

Big up to Nox for that fly offering you can stream it below:

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Girls Will Love This New Song

I grew up a hater. A hater of RnB songs  and singing. It was partly because I suck at singing and I wasn’t too good with women either. Never came off as as the Casanova. Well a young king by the name of Steve YP, collaborated with a mellow RnB guy to create a beautiful song.

Ndokuudza Sei is the name of this jam and it was produced by Urboi Jocka, who also created a really strong instrumental as far as rap and RnB are concerned. Do not mistake this one with the Mafriq classic hit, Ndomuudza Sei although it plays around the same topic.

Steve YP is like an Mc Cut, impeccable flows and even some witty punchlines in the verse. I am sold, his delivery is fluid. He has a great track right now and what he needs to do is to push this track because many people relate to his subject matter.

Like I said earlier on, back in my day I was not quite the cassanova. Well I still am terrible with women, except that nowadays I propose to them at gun point. They have no choice.

Ndokuudza Sei? Hmmm a great offering. Please download or stream it below.

Download – Ndokuudza Sei

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Icon of The Week

Our icon of the week changes weekly and we do not back up the blog-post we simply replace the current Icon of the week with the new one.

#Week 1 : Godfrey Mungeni


What should come to mind when we here the name Godfrey Mungeni?

Hahahaha eish theres so much you can think of but to sum it up i would say, Excellence, Growth, Dominance…..

What sacrifices must be made, socially and financially in order to pursue a career as a manager in the Music Industry?

Based on personal experience i would say socially don’t limit yourself to a small circle (but again keep ur inner circle tight)
Financially u need to be a calculative risk taker (coz kunze uku kukupisa) sacrifice what u know will bring back coz like any business investment u don’t just dive in.

But the major key is to first have your knowledge of the industry and a passion for it.

Following the recent shift in the Music Industry, what are the best avenues for generating a profit and maintaining success for the artists and musicians?

Firstly branding is key u can never sell non branded product and expect it to fly off the shelves overnight.

Once branded as a brand u need to further push to make yourself sell-able, what sets you from the rest within your genre is what will make u monetize your talent to the market through distribution with no limitations. That means pushing on the streets for the numbers and going digital as a brand for the profit and monetization.

Before all that is done as well PRIDE needs to be thrown straight i to the trash can.

As a manager, what sort of prominent connections have you made?

Hahahahah I know thats a trick question but yea far too many I could go all day giving a list. But my brand deals with a lot of people world over and we are affiliated to many prominent names like Jim Jones in the states, Ying Yang Twins, Pessimist the rapper (who actually has a Track with Crooger & Benny B), Da Les and many more, We have agents in different countries all pushing different projects for us within international soil.

 In Zimbabwe who have you been managing so far?

I have worked with Bryce Nation n managed Benny B and still am bit on a more independent tip.

As Music Beyond Borders we have signed up Mile, Marcques, Kross (based in SA), Seriously talented female by the name Cheneso from Norton, And recently signed up 2 Dancehall artists Empress CC (former Chillspot signee) and Wardo aka Dancehall Kedha whos also a producer in Norton.

How important is the connection between you as a manager and the artists or bands that you manage?

That bond is actually the most important part of the business (even though mine are more like a family). The stronger your bond the easier it become a to work as a team and mine was never dysfunctional.

How much of an impact do you believe illegal downloading of music has on your career as a manager, as well the Music Industry itself and how do you work around this?

I have never really been phased by illegal downloads coz our primary goal as an entity is to spread the music and message even tho it kills the the returns on the artists side of things.

With that question being raised it brings this conversation to my new project with some partners abroad but thats a topic for another day.

Final word to any aspiring managers?

Keep your head up and don’t be limited my peoples perceptions about what u do aswel as to maintain professionalism and drop pride.

(Note that this post will only be up for a week)



Rap Topic Ideas 1: Modern Slavery

Welcome to my first edition of Rap Topic Ideas, this is a series where I suggest themes and hip-hop subject matters rappers can work on to create compelling and conscious music and even get over writers blocks. Today In particular I will zero in my focus on what I would like to call modern slavery.

I am challenging rappers to come up with a concept around my idea of modern slavery. My idea of modern slavery is summarized in the quoted text.

“A nine to 5 grind always feels like my sustainability on Earth is being leased to me, because frankly speaking, it may only take the ordinary man 3 months unpaid to fall on hard times. A year to be homeless if that earning ability is cut off completely.

This is why I say it’s like sustainability being leased to me. I have to keep getting a certain amount to maintain a certain lifestyle and thus, it seems like a rented lifestyle doesn’t it?

Think about it?

If you stopped earning today and no one loaned you anything, helped or anything… Where would you be.

And now… If you ended up homeless with nowhere to bath, no good nutrition and probably having sold your phone and possessions. No permanent address…

It would be even harder to ever get a job again. Job offers usually want your phone number (you sold it), a permanent address (you are homeless)… You need to be smart and smell fresh for the interview.

A stable mind which nutrition enhances. A stable mind requires absence of stress.

You work hard monthly to earn an amount which you can use to pay and sustain your lifestyle and that’s what it is. New slavery.”

Now that you have an idea of what I mean by the concept of new slavery, you can then research further or expand on it before summarizing everything in verse.

There are many plot structures you could use to come up with the the songs. I will suggest a few.

Story Telling

You could create a rap about a guy who is actually living in and experiencing this slavery. You may speak of him as yourself or as someone else. Have rising conflict in his story as the song proceeds but in the end bring a resolution, a lesson or some form of pay off.

Facts and Opinions

Without creating a story-line you could just rap the facts and opinions you have on the subject. In this case you do not create a character but you generally mention what people go through and likewise still have rising conflict and probably suggest some solutions towards end of song.

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The Power Of Being You

​One of the fundamental enquiries the individual makes is, “Who am I?”. We tend to seek clarity of identity and purpose and beyond reasonable doubt most of our traits are inherited from heredity, observation, study or environment.

 A wise man used to tell me, “All behaviour is learnt.” Like I said even the traits passed from our parents are information passed on through DNA. 

Now of course there are different ways in which we all respond to different environments and different perspectives through which we attack problems. I believe the one we do more seamlessly is who we are. 

While all behaviour is learnt, there is certain behaviour that is incongruent enough to make people say, “Oh, she’s fake,” or “He’s trying too hard.” 

 Why is it?  

For instance, a young boy or girl who attempts to speak English in the queen’s tone so hard it sounds funny, it doesn’t sound right. It is not him. He is like a rapper going off-beat to the rhythm if life is an instrumental and our behaviours are the “flow”. 

See even musically when people hop on to a cadence that isn’t for them, they tend to be off even to a non-musician’s ear. We say there is discord. Once you appreciate that in order to be dominant in life you have to be your seamless self. 
Become proud of who you are, your inclinations. Figure out the good you do best and perfect it. 

If you were born with a darker pigment, you embrace it. You do not try to hide it under pigments of lighter tone or bleach it away. You rather find out the clothes that go with that and put them on. Walk in confidence. No makeup will make up for any beauty you have. It can only compliment. 
If you come from the ghetto, you may come up and be amongst suburban kids but you will not be ashamed of having come out of Glenview, Mbare or Makokoba. You will not be ashamed of your mother even if she were un-schooled, not very tech-savvy and so forth. Your accent will not have an on and off switch and worsen when you talk to a white man. 

That’s confidence in identity. Do not confuse it with settling for mediocrity. 

Move up but remain grounded to core principles and values.  This is why I have never seen the hype with “yellow-bone vs. Black-bone or red-bone” online squabbles. 
If you know yourself you will not see skin pigmentation as giving superiority to anyone. This article is not about race but let me share something on race to highlight some things, because loss of identity amongst my people begins with race. 

An interesting thing on identity… 

I used to always wonder why my people think, “Watsvuka,” (you’re now more light skinned) is a compliment, whilst, “Wasviba,” (you’re now darker) is considered a down grade.
I then realized the power lay in many ideologies and the words themselves. For instance “Wasviba” also alternatively means, “You’re now dirty.” 

Yes, same word. 

The white man is basically reffered to in my culture as, “Vanhu vachena”. The –chena in vachena (white people), which creates the word kuchena (to be clean) subconsciously aligns the white-man with cleanliness.

 The old saying then says, “Cleanless is next to Godliness,”  So yes, my people then align the white man to God or rather a deity. 

This is not farfetched as it can be proven by simply looking at the word murungu in Wikipedia. Murungu stems from Swahili and used in more than 11 dialects across Africa. In Shona, my native language, murungu means the white man. 

In other dialects it means God. Is it accidental that, the white man inherited the name we used to use to call God?

 Did we fear their image so much; we started calling them a name we use to call God? 

 If you’re black, when you were a kid and asked to imagine God, which race was he?  

What does this say?

 In shaping who you are, words you use matter. The words you use to name yourself, to name things and to talk. They all matter. 

There is a lot of power in words and even people who are very spiritual agree. Vocabulary is not to be played with. As soon as a person for instance begins to talk vulgarity willy nilly it’s accompanied by certain dress codes and behaviour at least for most people that fit the stereotype. 

Just look at how a terrorist and a freedom fighter may be the same person depending who’s viewing. The news if it hates a freedom fighter can call him a terrorist. The word they choose then leads to your perception of that individual and therefore how you respond to his message.
 What words are you telling yourself about yourself? 

Are you a graphic designer or a visual artiste? 

Are you a writer or are you an author? 

Are you consistent with image? 

I have this interesting young friend who doesn’t seem to have a particular identity. If in one minute he sees another guy gets so much attention from girls for wearing a summer shirt and dying his hair blue, he too mimics that and paints his hair blue. – Mr Me Too 

We all have that Me Too Friend who never follows through right? 

Next he see’s Sharky rock his beads and African attire and decides to wear that image and become that too. Not realizing that both those individuals succeed at it because they are being themselves. It goes back to the metaphor on going off-beat.
The lack of discipline to follow through with who you have chosen to be creates an incomplete you. You can never be Outspoken, Sharky and Jah Prayzah at the same time. It becomes a conflicting person and you won’t be best at expressing each persona.  
If however you decide to be Kapfupi, go 100% the process, lest you go off-beat. 
Remember, Sharky for instance may wear certain attire because he has certain knowledge from childhood about Africans he was told by his mother as a child. So he doesn’t wear any shirt anyhow and perhaps some are for certain occasions and so forth. 

A person who just wears that lacking that knowledge then goes off beat. 
Girls will eat me alive if I reveal that the first mini-skirts are said in certain circles to have been meant for office quickies. Also historically lipstick was red, created by Egyptians to highlight the mouth for interest in oral sex, 5,000 years ago they say. 
However I am not saying people should not use that but I will highlight that knowingly or unknowingly lipstick still maintains its seduction significance. It has other non-sexual meanings in modern day so do mini-skirts. 
It’s just good to know this, in as much as we know how sagging pants by males began in American prisons and so forth. Some information may offend us, but if it helps us grow let us not be quick to trash it. 
I mean next time you have your little daughter, a 4 year old cutie pie, you may consider things like, “Who am I priming her to be?” 

I was shocked growing up to find out that a hip-hop cipher was spiritual and pouring liquor to the ground before drinking it was honouring the dead. Things we over-look huh?

 As much as words mean something and sends messages, so does dress. The take a way is that anything that sends a message should be dealt with carefully because it’s sending a message to you. 

Your expression not only influences how the public perceives you. It influences how you perceive you. 

You are your first audience because you spend 24 hours a day with yourself.   Others see you in 10 minute instances. Purpose Different people define purpose in different ways. 

 I believe purpose is the thing you intend to achieve and see at the end of the day. It must be defined so that you know you have reached it. 

The purpose of this article for instance is to see the individual embrace themselves, white or black, male or female without trying hard to live on someone else’s beat where they go off beat. 

Throw away all identities that you’re manipulated or forced into, find time to find self and be the best version of you. You do not have to fit in all the time unless you seamlessly fit in. Every jig-saw puzzle piece has its purposeful place on the planet.
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Guluva 7 Chooses Zim Hip-hop Soccer Team

I had an interview with Bulawayo born, award winning, Ndebele rap lyricist, Guluva 7. We talked about much in an interview where he revealed his chosen soccer team for Hip-hop.  Read the interview below.


You won an award last year. What category was it and how did it feel?

I won best newcomer and boy, I was overwhelmed by winning considering the other nominees I was up against.

Who was the first person you called when you got the award?

My parents…they been behind me since my drama days at primary school. So the award was an achievement to them too.

Are you a fan of soccer?

Very much…I even play social soccer during weekends. Proudly Bosso, Chelsea, Messi and Warriors supporter.

If you were to choose 5 Zim Hip-hop artistes for a soccer team, who would you put in that team?

Defence I’d have Gze and Mc Chita…midfield POY and Jnr Brown…strike force Myself lol. There should be a keeper though.

What would you call that team?

ZHH United.

Speaking of ZHH United. Outside of soccer, would you say ZHH is united?

Well hip-hop will always be hip-hop…there’s always affiliations and competition which sometimes lead to beef etc. I’d say we are united in the sense that we all got one goal which is making the genre big in the country and making that cheese.

If you were to propose to any femcee in Zimbabwe. Who would it be?

Tiara Baluti hope I got that right.

 Awesome. In closing, what would you like to say to none Bosso supporters?

Stop hooliganism… We’d have Big Mike and Moskito the boxer instead of Peter and Khama if soccer was about violence. Plus this year we bringing the PSL title home lol.

Great interview we had. View his music on soundcloud.  


Meister Pens Open Letter

It’s open letter season and Zimbabweans have caught the  “Yours Truly” flu. The craziest of them are sending open letters to “bae” on their walls. No lie, we saw a certain producer in our midst go through this recently didn’t we? 

We’ve all read the different ones aimed at Pastor Evan Mawarire as well. I have mixed feelings about those but let’s get to the music.

The Masofa Panze affiliated lyricist Meister could not be left out thus he recently released a lyrical letter  to help us see through his minds eye and know who he is. Well his is not attacking politicians, pastors or presidents. It’s a personal poetic piece.


The song is titled Tafadzwa, named after him. Yes, now we know his government name! It features the mellow male R’n’B vocal virtuoso, Jay Mashaire who managed to blend into the soulful tune seamlessly.

“Tafadzwa is about Tafadzwa a letter to everyone who wishes to understand this human being”- Meister said.

Personally listening to it I also see it as a letter to himself. He mentions how people judge and view the same things from different framings. For instance he makes a very interesting analogy between a kombi (commuter omnibus) and an Ambulance, where he mentions how a kombi is frowned upon, yet an ambulance is just another kombi with a different use.

Various thought provoking lines are spat on this offering and a blogpost can never adequately decode it all. Perhaps he should paste these ones to and highlight the meanings although for the most part what he is saying is not jargon.

It’s understandable but thought provoking.

Tafadzwa comes after a long silence from the rapper who last dropped a freestyle in the same year he had a video for his debut video Vakafa Vakazorora which featured both Noble Stylz and Blacperl.

He says, Tafadzwa is a song he penned on the 9th of August, 2016 whilst going through a lot of things.

“The beat was made by Gee Beats the guy who makes all my beats in China at the moment then I received the instrumental and gave it to Casper Beats who then suggested theres a band he would like to play a part. They came to the studio did their thang then Jay wasn’t available for a while then he came to do his thang 5 days after my verse then a son was made.” – He narrated.

We look forward to his debut Sekutamba Sekuseka project and he personally promised that it would drop live on air.

“Full album is coming November this year to be launched live on air,” he concluded.


Is GudNtentionz Turning To Raggae?

It had been a while since I received an email from hip-hop virtuoso, GudNtentionz I wouldn’t like to say he was silent, because every-time you hear new school vibes you hear a bit of the big guy indirectly. He inspired part of the generation that kicks it today sonically.

They may not sound like him but chances are he showed them it could be done.

On GudNtentionz New Single Make  A Way

A brilliant offering I must say, a smooth groovy, mellow reggae, dance-hall and RnB fusion with a sprinkle of hip-hop. I loved it.

It is a motivational track which encourages people to overcome obstacles and make solutions. GudNtentionz also reveals his faith in God as the power source for tackling problems and receiving inspired ideas,

The beat is designed to make you meditate to the message.

Rayze “Em says, “Make a way is a soundtrack/anthem to a peaceful revolution. It’s a song about hope and dance with a melody that directs one’s path from darkness to light through a tunnel of well written and well-articulated conscious lyrics that are prophetic to the times we are living in.”

This song comes at a time when there have been a lot of movements in Zimbabwe speaking out on social injustice. I would say GudNtentionz as a conscious hip-hop artiste manages to  play his role without using machetes.

Listen to the song

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Should We Legalize Mbanje in Zimbabwe?

It has always been a “public secret” that Schingy and Team Bho may be on drugs, maybe even worse drugs than mbanje because of the extremes of crazy expression they can get to. Plus they have said it occassionally in between tracks such as Eh Bhoo.  His July offering Mudiwa Wangu where he sings a love song to mbanje (marijuana) didn’t come a s a shock to me.

I love the divergent concept because at first glance you’d think Mudiwa Wangu is about an actual female lover. It is incongruity that sparks minds. Giving the fans what they least expect.

He literary has foreplay with mbanje within the video which was well directed, I got it bfrom Sky Rocket Films. The verses and arrangement are good,  the guy has improved much from weak bars when he began to actually interesting and witty punchlines. Schingy was prey to my brutality a few years ago but he held on.

He says the the law has kept him away from his love, which means this is his appeal that weed must be legalized in Zimbabwe so he can openly partake.

I as a writer and role model to some do not support drug abuse and I am no fan of weed, contrary to the belief that my puns and wit are a result of inhalation. However I do breathe good music and to me this is a worthy piece, my advice is to young people. Try and enjoy this without being tempted into drug abuse.

I know there are many credible debates on why weed may be good, but you can still feel good without any mind altering substances (coffee included).

Should weed be legalized in Zimbabwe?

Yes, if tobacco is legal, weed can be legal. Tobacco is more detrimental to health. However legalization of alcohol, weed and tobacco do not mean everyone should take them. For instance tobacco is legal but I can confirm that I have never actively smoked it, my only inhalation is passive.

So if weed were to be legalized so that Schingy would be happily with his love. I guess they’d have to regulate where he can romance his blunts and if it makes him happy and create better stuff. Why not?

Like sugar and other substances he’d simply have to have control on  side effects of over-use and abuse. These are my 40 cents.

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2 Poems From 2 Poets That Will Tickle Your Logic

This morning I decided to share 2 poetry pieces. One is from a young man known as Takudzwa and the other is from me. I believe both poems have unique things that make them outstanding especially the alliteration in Takudzwa’s piece.

The  Out Of The Box Poem by Mcpotar

Out of The Box

If you are a user of Windows 7, you can definitely see what happened there right?

The Poetic Portrait (Poem) –  by Takudzwa “Taku Zee” Ziwenjere

It is a perfect poetry portrait,
Pixels precisely picturing her posture,
Painted purple and pink,
Perplexing prowess in purchasing perspectives,
Punitive points on primary politics,
Penned with pride and painted with passion.

Pardon my progressive pattern of using P’s,
Poetry praises , poetry preaches , poetry also punishes,
Passion pin-pointed in plenty of my pieces,
My perfect poetic portrait,
Painting the proper practice of peaceful presidency,
Problem presenting peach pigment patched there.

Pure and productive thoughts pardoned from the prison,
Poured out provocatively but proverbially papered,
Poking promiscuous pastors and paper-chasing prophets,
Who parent our pessimism in their pastoral practices,
As we prognosticate paganism in their prophecies,
Poor Peter poisoned by their paralyzing portions.

Picasso styled I paste the painful posture,
My portrait like Paws protruding prominently I pose a risk,
My poetic portrait, priceless and picturesque,
Pot inspired at moments , but passionately pottered,
Pedants of political and religious vitality,
Pistols rounds to the clergymen and parliament persons,
If practically pictured perfectly it punishes fairly.

The Poetic Portrait

Fb : Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere
IG : taku.zee
Twitter : taku.zee
Email :

I sure love the alliteration in this poem as well, it is very artistic. I think that is some out of the box thinking.

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