Schingy Disses Stunner & PK – Gets Kicked Out Of Rehab

Self proclaimed celebrity, Schingy has done it again. He yesterday posted a reckless statement about Stunner , P.K and other artistes, questioning their relevance in the industry and claiming he was better than them. Probably he was high but his label didn’t take this lightly as Xndr has longstanding relationship with renowned hip-hop artiste Stunner.

schingy disses stunner tazoita cash


As we already know Stunner has never enjoyed criticism and it makes it worse now because Schingy is one of the new school artistes he was beginning to respect. Disappointed by the unloyalty of Schingy , Xndr made an impulsive decision to terminate affiliation with the artiste and a Whatsapp chat with him and Stunner has been circulated and I can confirm it has not being forged.

This morning on this discovery I also decided to go on Facebook and air my view on this artistes statements.

With no ability to get attention Schingy wouldn’t even talked about at all. His recent jibes at Stunner and other artistes are a desperate attempt to get attention and once again he gets it. He hasn’t made much noise since the view buying saga but he made an awful attempt of getting attention at 2014 Zimhiphop Awards by Bringing a Coffin to the stage right after we had commemorated Mizchifs death (crazy huh). Suicidal with his gimmicks because that’s the only tool left to compensate for his lyricism. ‪#‎Provokatif

schingy disses stunner and pk gets kicked out by rehabA lot of people including Tasha Apple commented that the only way  Schingy has been able to get attention was through talking about other people. This claim can be confirmed by his references to Big Bruce in the Kuno track. I certainly do not hate on Schingy but I also do not suppress actual facts.

Schingy needs to work on his craft for a while if he has ambitions of being a rapper . He can still be involved in the hip-hop industry by attending shows, organizing street teams and making social media buzz for artistes who know what they are doing until then. I personally blog more that I rap because I’m better at this than rap, Schingy should see the light too and move on.

Here is the chat between Stunner and Xndr currently circulating

[00:27, 16/05/2015] Dezi: Let them do what they think is good for them
[00:28, 16/05/2015] Dezi: Too bad I actually liked that boy and his style
[00:29, 16/05/2015] Anonzi Xndr: If I hadn’t taken him in muna 2013 no one would know him…or respect him at the level he was at now…
[00:29, 16/05/2015] Anonzi Xndr: But ohwell
[00:29, 16/05/2015] Anonzi Xndr: Life goes on
[00:29, 16/05/2015] Dezi: How do u tell someone who is on tour Ku America zvakadaro? Iduzvi. Plus haasati akugona rapping, it’s jus by chance
[00:30, 16/05/2015] Anonzi Xndr: Well a fake tablet that’s always on the charger motivates a silly boy to post silly things.



Outspoken May Bring Back Dialektric Blue

It is no secret that I have always had respect for Tongai Makawa a.k.a Outspoken the Humble Neophyte. He has put so much energy into making relevant Hiphop stand out together with many emcees and Magamba Network.

Back in the day he was part of the duo “Dialektric Blue” where he kicked it with Upmost. Now Upmost (Ngonidzashe Tapiwa) is one of the wittiest lyricists we have in conscious rap in Zimbabwe. He has been quiet for a while and I personally have been dying to hear a single from him. The two can also create comedy on stage with a live band and it makes their whole performances incredible.

Today Outspoken wrote a Facebook post that seems to suggest the possibility of a project with his longtime colleague Upmost.


…See the thing is that most of the
time the state of Hip-hop depresses
me. I applaud all you emcees for
churning out hits that only serve to
top charts and help with the
escapism from our messed up reality
(if indeed it is messed up to you)
but I feel that there should be a
greater purpose in the message you
convey. I been doing this for a
minute, before the internet
explosion…its been a long journey
that i have shared personally with a
few of y’all… If you read past the
first line then i commend your
attention span! I am lucky to have
seen and heard the many sounds
and faces of Hip-hop and poetry all
around the world and shared stages
with many dope individuals posed
on a higher purpose for this music. I
have been making beats…A few
beats and plan on working with
emcees… a few emcees… and its
only right that I start with my
brother. Ngonidzashe Enos Tapiwa
MyBruthazKeepa Upmost
Rhymes4Dayz… I feel we have to
start working on that long forgotten
Dialectrik Blue music. I am not
bitter or angry or a hater… I am
merely disappointed at how talented
cats who craft words together so well
can often times use them so
recklessly…. thats all. I guess we
need to be that counter balance and
share our narrative too! Keep
building! – Outspoken

I am certainly looking forward to

Christian Rapper Flabbz Ashton Ridicules False Prophets (@FlabbzAshton)

In Africa today we are witnessing a lot of shady prophetic words that seem to be more of targetted guessing, mentalism and such and such.

Flabbz Ashton a Zimbabwean based Christian Rap artiste has taken to social media to blast some of these practices in a humour filled manner. I believe he feels it important to always take any platform he gets online to set the record straight for Christians.

these days we have an ApoStole
who steals, a Papa Profit who can
Prophe-lie, a (greener) Pasture
promiser for every congregant in
churches.- Flabbz Ashton

The “Apo-Stole” suggests that some men crown themselves as Apostles of God yet they have Stolen from the church. Well we all know prophet rhymes with “profit” etc… From a broad perspective he has taken a shot at all corrupt Pastors. We do know that last year the Pastor Gumbura case rocked the media, Prophet Magaya and Uebert Angel have also made headlines in bad light (though I am not suggesting it’s directed at them).

A whole lot of questionable activity is happening around Pastors to a level that can trigger unbelief. Potential converts can no longer take evangelists seriously so it is very powerful for Flabbz Ashton and other Christian artistes to use their social media accounts.

I last week spoke of the Devil trying to capture the Christian Hip hop industry in Zimbabwe. However I am impressed that artistes such as Flabbz consistently air out their Christian views using social media.

For a Christian Rapper the message is beyond the music. In fact even non Christian rappers or those inclined to party life also gain more authority through living that life.

Xenophobia A Drug To Appease Ignorance – Outspoken The Humble Neophyte

Outspoken The Humble Neophyte is a hiphop emcee from Zimbabwe who has been known to be very outspoken about his political views. He has taken his space on Facebook to vent out his opinion on Xenophobic attacks, which he describes as a drug for imbeciles.

Xenophobic attacks are the
imbeciles drug to appease his/her
ignorance into a false gratification
of progress. Sick and tired of this
evil that keeps showing its head!

I totally agree with his view point on this and I believe him speaking out on this will be potent in influencing change. Hiphop has always been an outspoken art that speaks in terms of the root cause which other mediums may hide.

Outspoken is one of the founding fathers of Magamba Network which hosts Shoko Festival, Peace In The Hood, Mashoko and Zambezi News. They have also established many portals for freedom of expression such as Kalabash Media (Which launched on the same day as Mcpotar.Com… I have written for it too).

So we are hoping to see his message expanded through one of these mediums because it is relevant to the times.

We have relatives trying to make a living in South Africa and we all wish Africa would finally unite against ignorance.

Feel free to share your views with me on @Mcpotar

Christian Rapper Courtney Antipas Speaks Out Against Discrimination

You may have heard of the Xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans that have erupted in South Africa, the shooting of an unarmed blackman by police in United States of America and beheading of individuals by ISIS.

Christian Rapper Courtney Antipas (was IllCeey) has taken to  his Facebook account to vent out his opinion on the discrimination based on differences.

Here is what he had to say:

Will we ever and I mean EVER be
void of cultural supremacy issues
as humans. Beheadings in the
middle east, shootings in Kenya,
cops shooting unarmed individuals in the states,Xenophobia in SA, and the list goes on. When will be
get to the point where we embrace each others differences instead of reject or try and kill off others because of their differences? I just don’t understand. We all bleed the same colour, when will that mean something.

I guess it’s quite great that we have Christian Ambassadors that are conscious of the world we live in today. There is no doubt that Courtney Antipas is a thought leader to many people who can learn and change behaviours based on what he said.

Hiphop is a culture so outside of the booth we still get to live what we stand for and Courtney has definitely done that.

You can read his blogposts as well via his website.

Dr Clarence Accuses Police Of Destroying Evidence On His Stolen Laptop

I came across news that Dr Clarence’s (The Music And Video Producer) laptop had been stolen during the Easter period. Well being the good law abiding citizen he is Dr Clarence sought help from the ZRP.

However the ZRP took in a few suspects whom they didn’t investigate thoroughly according to Dr Clarence. He was very pissed especially after they released one of the suspects on the basis that he was 17 years old.

“The police did not investigate all
the accomplices so 48 hours came to pass. She (Tracy) is my next door neighbour, another (Amos) is from the street behind and the other two (Amos and Murehwa) are wanted criminals.”

The Zim Dancehall / Hiphop producer is really disappointed at the lack of urgency by the Police and has accused them of letting evidence slip away. He in fact suggested that they may have been working with the thieves. This has not been verified however and may just be his opinion.

“The police destroy evidence and let suspects escape. They actually seem to be working with the thieves and you can’t even trust the police with information on the case. I even saw that one of the police officers had the number of one of the suspects (Tracy) saved on his phone, suggesting they know each other.”

There you have it. It’s Terrible.