Event Review: Designers and Models Had A Good Showcase At #TSMR

Saturday the 7th of November, 2015  finally arrived and the much anticipated “The Streets My Runway” show commenced at 1+1, Long Cheng Plaza, one of the best night spots in Harare at the moment. The set up was beautifully prepared by a team of young people known as Encore Productions.

IMG-20151110-WA0009[1]Well it didn’t exactly begin at 5pm as the flyer said but we still managed to kick it well in Zimbabwean Time (which is pretty much +1 of regular time). Various  designers clothed a set of models to tell their designer story on the ramp.  Most of the clothes were either Afrocentric or elegant, for young and expressive people. The main host was the beautiful Miss Pineapple whom I must say had a lot of energy and dance moves to keep us entertained at the show. Off stage she narrated what each design symbolized as the models walked in with their designers.

Designers who made it were :

Maison De Rouge, Blissy Designs, Eclectique Couture, Maricko Nation, Muza Couture, Cici Fashions, Afro Kreations, Trendy A&C and Carol Wutawunashe.


There were performances from dance groups and rap artistes in between segments and the crowd was at one time allowed to give opinions on which designs they favored. Music was pretty much electro and Nigerian music except the one time we got a Jah Prayzah song to bounce to which was on the hosts requests. I personally think local DJ’s have a long way to go as far as promoting local music at events such as this, but I applaud Encore Productions for doing their part to promote local designers and models.

I enjoyed myself and actually managed to meet up with a lot of Facebook and Twitter friends in person. It was a great social experience on my part and I give these young people a big thumbs up for pulling off a very succesful event at a prestigious location in these times.

Finally, the main organizer of the event Nobuhle Nyoni gave her vote of thanks and called up her team  to the stage close off the show a well prepared show.

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The Street My Runway

Brythreesixty Drops Gospel Hip-hop Tag As Cashbid Drops Diss

So much happening in local hip-hop, I had to sit down to write this update. As you may already know, Cashbid and Brythreesixty beef has escalated to mic level with, Cashbid dropping Ventilation 2 in honour of Brythreesixty.

Cashbid this week vowed that he would drop Ventilation 2 if Brythreesixty had not made a public apology to him. Brythreesixty then indicated Cashbid as being a hater who controlled the underground media to be relevant so he refused to yield. Going on to air a post that insinuated this blog as working for people who hate Christianity. After I had dialogue with him the post was later taken down but the beef with Cashbid Didn’t die down.

Today Cashbid unleashed Ventilation 2, a few hours later Brythreesixty posted his resignation from Christian Hip-hop it’s as follows. You can download it here 

Dear CHH

Hope this letter finds you blessed and well , my heart is in pain as I write this letter.

Moving on the pressure has been so much on me and I haven’t been sleeping well lately because of this.
I would like to thank every CHH artist , the Gospel Artist that had my back in the past years, I respect every artist in the genre and I respect your call for me to drop the label.
Iam sorry for being the black sheep in the family, there has been a lot of blogging about me and groups chats , screen shots, sneak dissing, open shots fired, diss tracks, and some told me that I should drop the tag Gospel Rap and Christian rap and I think its true coz they heard my recent jams konzeresa , shay baii , nantsi pata pata and my collaborations with secular. Some are in the booth as we speaking making diss song .
A lot has been said bout me and I think its time I as iam an ordinary artist with no label,
Sorry Gospel Rap I think iam no longer your artist now, now doing what God wants me to do , iam not denouncing God or dropping Jesus Christ iam still a Christian I read my bible.
Hope you will understand , my content will expand, but my heart will not change.

Yours Brythreesixty (Mind the Grammar English is my fourth language)

I personally feel that if Brythreesixty feels this way he should actually listen to his heart and we shouldn’t judge him. It took a lot of courage and thinking for him to get to such a deciscion, as he said he still is very much a Christian. I guess then he will reply the Cashbid diss, now that the tag is off.

Cashbid Threatens Brythreesixty With Ventilation 2 Unless He Apologizes In Public

Is Cashbid becoming a Hip-hop bully or nah? Yesterday, Cashbid after yet another social media war with controversial Christian Rapper Brythreesixty threatened to scorch the artiste with  a new version of Ventilation. The last version of Ventilation was suspected to have hit the Christian Rapper with subliminals as it happened in a time his motives for Christian Rap were being questioned.

Cashbid was suspected to have been commissioned by my camp, to throw shade at Schingy, Team Bho, Brythreesixty and Mudiwa. A fake theory, which I later disproved. I believed it had been fashioned by people symphathetic to either Rehab or Team Bho. That was around the time I released Ghost On Ghost, after Mile release FWYH.

There where afew twitter wars there-after, with Cashbid accusing Brythreesixty of mimicking his artwork from “Full Moon At Midnight”. Later on the rappers seemed to reconcile, but it was short-lived as more memes poured in on Facebook under debates, bringing us to the one that struck the nerve. – A post yesterday by Courtney Antipas.

“As a Christian in the arts you don’t have to do music with the “Christian” label on it if you don’t feel the conviction to. BUT you are a Christian first before you are an artist so your Christian values have to shine through your art. But what we have is Christians going mainstream and throwing EVERYTHING out, sounding and acting no different to the world. But don’t worry, #‎Vigilanteis coming….. We reveal the cover tomorrow….” – Courtney Antipas

Somehow some Christian Rappers including Brythreesixty, who is represented on his personal profile as Brighton Wiseman, took offense in this post and it ended up as a debate between Cashbid and Brythreesixty, when Cashbid said, “hahahahahaha i sed all this in #ventilation , never dropped a name, but babies chucked their loaded pampers at me lyk a dissed their mums or something!”

Brighton from here on had attacks on Cashbid running in to which they battled till they got tired of posting. Bringing the post close to 100 comments. Brythreesixty vowed to reply to any possible disses and is not likely to apologize for anything neither does he perceive any wrong doing.

Cashbid has called upon Brythreesixty via this platform  to give a public apology, “Yield Brythreesixty and kiss the ground kid.” He said. “Because you were offensive to me, I’mma need you to make a public service announcement or face the fire in Ventilation 2. Ventilation 1 wasn’t about you but this one will be if you dare me…”


There you have it. I am just a reporter of what I observed. Whoever wins, Hip-hop Wins. The Courtney story…. well that’s for another day.


GZI – A Brand New Initiative To Exhibit The Greatness Of Zimbabwe

As I mentioned during the week, The Mcpotar.Com focus now goes beyond hip-hop and into public domain issues of interest as it eventually benefits the culture. The following article is going to be about about a new initiative known as Great Zimbabwe Initiative.

Great Zimbabwe initiative is the collective effort of young Zimbabwean idealists, who believe in the potential of Zimbabwe. Their projects currently focus on tourism, energy, the environment and climate change which they consider critical to the socio-economic development of the country.

Their emphasis on the tourism side is to encourage people to visit Zimbabwe, as a safe destination by providing astounding facts about the country in bit size infographics which are now being shared on various social media outlets.  This also manages to shatter the negative propaganda that has been spread about the state of the country for years. I personally remember talking to a certain Lebo from South Africa who vowed to never visit me in Zimbabwe because of the stories she heard.
According to her, “Zimbabwe, is too dangerous. I fear for my life.”

One of the infographics that have been shared on Social Media

We have problems yes, but I think they have been exaggerated so that the mainstream could sell news. Remember, in commercial journalism, “Good news is no news.” I am happy that a lot of Zimbabweans have been making efforts to extinguish this mentality. Bit by bit we will make people aware of the beauty of Zimbabwe as a people. Gradually entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, climate change adaptation and all those positive things will be given focus in this our land.

The Objectives of this initiative are as follows (according to the website):

  1. Leadership development, capacity building, training and equipping young Zimbabweans to fully maximize their potential and take full advantage the opportunities they encounter
  2. Entrepreneurship development and access to capital towards sustainable youth business projects in order to provide economic empowerment and provide practical solutions towards the problems of unemployment and poverty affecting all Zimbabweans and young people in particular
  3. Creation of a world class interactive digital media suite that facilitates and creates conversation around Zimbabwe’s future, promotes Zimbabwe, and provides free access to information and educational tools to young Zimbabweans
  4. Promote the adoption and adaptation to new technologies to accelerate economic development, manage the effects of climate change and preserve the environment.

    Feel free to check them out via: http://gzi.co.zw


Umthombo iConnect Joins Fight Against Cancer in new Podcast (@Umthombo_Icon)

Umthombo iConnect, is an initiative that seeks to bring to the discussion “borrowed experiences” and will from time to time be podcasting on different issues. Some of them related to health, social life, science, academics or family.

*** Please try and follow all the twitter accounts mentioned in  this articles. It encourages the creatives

They this October released a podcast with an enactment on Breast Cancer awareness. The script was well written, I believe the voice actors will grow with time and sound more and more effortless. Overally I can say I love the concept. I managed to pick out Navy Seal’s voice and the podcast was sent to me by @DearAngelBert from twitter, he is a part of this initiative, also promising us something on Gender violence in November. You can also forllow @Umthombo_Icon for more information on what they do.

The beautiful Varaidzo voice was done by, @feistyfavoured. She had quite a few jesters in her act and played it well. Thembie who was role played by @GuguMasha‘ s role made the whole issue seem brighter. Navy Seal produced the podcast and acted as Dr. Zamai and the director was @la_dew.

Background music was by Mbira Instruments wit @TheBoyAsaph (Zim Hip-hop Saviour) in the outro. Of course the team is made complete by @ZuluCowboy who made the artwork. Very beautiful piece of content I love it. Breast Cancer is a real issue, I’ll reveal that my Mother had an operation in 2008 and she is still alive. My sister recently had early detection of a lump and I appreciate these awareness things because most times they only start to matter to most people when they happen from upclose.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228031857″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


Hip-hop Artistes Offended By Begotten Sun’s Remarks

Earlier today we posted on Begotten Sun’s post in which he said Tehn’s album would out-do every other hip-hop project released in 2015 thus far. Of course this didn’t go down well with many artistes who have dropped or plan on dropping albums.  They were offended by this . Vhedza for example dropped Chosen Prophesy on i-tunes recently and felt and expressed that the post was disrespectful to his efforts, artistry and that of others.

“…its not Hip Hop for someone to tell other emcees their projects will be irrelevant and expect any self respecting Emcee to just take it. Tehn’s album may turn out to be better than mine but I’ll still stand up for my brand and project as any self respecting emcee would . Anyway the jury is still out and its not over till the fat lady sings, ” Vhedza said . He also affirmed that he indeed respects Begotten Sun and Tehn as fellow hip-hop contributors but he wasn’t up for the belittlement in the words said by Kuda.

T1 Wema 1, who also recently dropped a project titled #Inzwa felt that the hip-hop icon had made a wrong choice of words. A few individuals commented to argue that the Tehn Diamond project had since lost it’s hype because of the silence.

That awkward moment when #ThePerfectTehn fails to live up to the hype. #Inzwa“, T-One spoke.

After a few comments with less context Begotten Sun then responded by saying this :

The awkward moment when #ZimHiphop realises that it never “against” them. but “For & With” them. SOTG 1, 2, 3, #TFAF, Features, Singles… in 4 years u have had damn near 100 Free tracks from Tehn. Thats a average of 25 Song releases a YEAR!

And for
#TPT I have damn near enough material for #ThePerfectT2hn &#ThePerfectT3hn as well. We working everyday. And the “Delay” isn’t coz we just trying to perfect chichi chi. NO Team. Its trying to make SURE that we have enough resources raised to at LEAST give the album the launch it deserves considering how much energy has gone into it from a bunch of people. We can’t keep dropping my free Links asina visiual vakoma. Nhamo yemu Zimbabwe yaka/icha uraya maAlbum release AKAWANDA! SHIIIT. It I’m sooooooo tempted to just DROP THE LINK…. but Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is… insane.

Remeber SYN CITY… now image if we actually has more than the ZERO budget we had to work with. #GoreReZvidzidzo

This is all actual not cinema flicks. The debate is on, all I can say is Vhedza and Begotten Sun seem to have reached some understanding. I still feel Begotten Sun is maintaining his opinion that, no album in Zim Hip-hop for 2015 will out-do The Perfect Tehn.

I hope this doesn’t stir unneccessary support from people who would have otherwise pushed it, as there were also comments like, “Itai, tiwone.” (meaning  : We are waiting to see).

Personally I think we had a lot of great material this year from Art Department, Asaph, Cal_Vin, J.Nova, R.Peels , Savage, Kidd Active, Vhedza, G.I.L, Kudah Runnit and T-One. I believe there is some truth by Begotten Sun in the quoted explanation on failing to do more than just dropping the link.

A lot needs to be done to promote albums. T-One and Cal_Vin so far did some of the best promotional work for their albums at the capacity they have. I believe Begotten Sun has built marketing machines over the years to make that album reach many audiences. And I thank him for that picture and it’s caption.

It had been long since we had a discussion about the state and quality of Hip-hop.

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Perfect Tehn Complete – Your Stuff “Is About Not To Matter” Warns B.Sun

Tehn Diamond has had one of the most anticipated albums of our time. For many years we have waited for his debut solo album “The Perfect Tehn” and perhaps the title set a bar so high he had to take time. Nothing is perfect in reality, but the name given to this project implies that the project will be spotless. So the man needed to take time.

This is especially because each edition of the #SOTG mixtape series solid enough to stand as full LP’s with songs like Be Amazing. When Tehn was with Few Kings, there was a split between fans who thought he should go back to basics and those who thought he was in the right lane. Some commentators even said Jnr Brown made Tehn matter and all sorts of spears were thrown in his direction.

Dissed by many rappers like Michael Kata  “Kata-Kata”, MMT and Team Bho, he never responded. Recently he was given a jibe by Marques on Who Got Next (Read about it here) and it was related to how “Windows 10 came out but we were still waiting for The Perfect Tehn”. Despite the fact that the rapper mentioning that has no more than 4 known singles, it was a clever pun that lit up the tweets and made it to the streets.

A local Hip-hop Blog PushZW, a few days ago also went in on Tehn Diamond’s delay and highlighted how he has been performing pretty much the same songs for the past 2 years. The article has since sparked a small debate at a certain corner of Facebook. If you have not read it you can read it via this link. The blog-post is titled “Why We Didn’t Blog Your Sh&#”. 

Well, I guess whilst all this was happening and we sat here speculating. Tehn Diamond and the producers of The Perfect Tehn were perfecting the product because Begotten Sun (Kuda Musasiwa) posted a picture on Social Media today which said.

“The face u give when listening to the finished #‎ThePerfectTehn‬. Put out ur stuff quick quick. It’s about to not matter.” – This was posted on Instagram but made it to my Facebook feed. Both Begotten Sun and Tehn Diamond were mean-mugging on the selfie probably taken in the studio. There have been many other instagram pics during the creation process.


As you have read in the post, Mr. Musasiwa has warned that anyone with a project should quickly release it before it’s relevance is obliterated by The Perfect Tehn. Syncity and Changamire which he has had direct involvement with were both stellar quality products that took awards and got international coverage. So I guess these may not be empty words but we await The Perfect Tehn.

Will Tehn finally get back at everyone who has been throwing stones?
Will he get back to the “Be Amazing” level or it’s a fusion of “Happy” and “Be Amazing”

Does Jnr Brown feature in The Perfect Tehn?

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Black Bird Fiance And Ex -Hubby Beef in The Booth

If you rushed to this story you probably love beef like I do. I don’t encourage it but I love it, it brings the discussion back to Hip-hop. Well Black Bird’s ex-husband Alka Nemo is having a feud with DJ Duse (her fiancé). Alka Nemo is a rap and hook maestro, you’ve probably heard of his rap battle wins whilst DJ Duse is 2005, Sprite DJ of the year. He is now into dancehall though.

Black Bird has distanced herself from this feud, she is not a part of it she says, but of course the street will always find a way of dragging her in. I mean it’s her ex’ and fiancé fighting here and not just some random dudes. DJ Duse released a diss and Alka Nemo has also done 2 replies in the same night.

Here are DJ Duse (aka Rude Boi)  lyrics + video from his song “Back Stabber”.

som man i knw wicked in him heart devil in him mind

Rest in peace AlkaNemo

som man ah vampire
him ah bloodsucker
in ya face him tel u him a fren
buh weh ya turnaround
him a backstabber
Som gyal vampire
she bloodsucker
in ya face she tel u her man buh weh turnaround
she backstabber

Verse 1
It nah easy fi seprate realness
from a bwoy who cud cz u sickness
ka yo best fren alone cud knw yo weakness
tellin uno woman all yo secrets
nuff tingz a gwan in mi life
fake frenz arwn mi to a cheatin ex-wife, (He means a ZTV kid presenter not black bird)
u nah fynd out tha hard way
hear wah di rasta man seh


som man i knw
him wicked in heart
devil in him mind
Alka nw weh ya do
this 1 fi di ghetto yut
luk at di way him talk behind bk
dat mi gyal dat him try fi f*%$
mi ah starbwoy tonyt
uno fresh out o luck
dat ah mi gyal mi hub di ting lock!!

Here is Alka Nemo’s reply

Laugh it off
Ya diss anah worth ah reply
Mek mi give U a Bligh
At least u tried
Laugh it off
No word of a lie
We don’t c eye to eye
u on de ground
I am in de sky

Everyman have ah dream
So it seemz
Fe get de cream
Dem try violate n scheme
Over cheap wine n shit greens
Feel bad inna dem team
But softer than a can of beans
How mi jus rush de scene
Nuff Gyal ah scream
So it Mek dem envious
N start act like sixteen
Dem nah know where mi been
Dema joker mr bean
From dem tink seh manna ice cream
Dem reach ICU
With more than a raptured spleen

Gwan Throw ah tantrum
Gwan sing a song son
Gwan Get off ya gun
Still dem cyant do me nun
Manna champion
Number 1
Check de out come
Hit and run
Dema Zero mi iz de one

Laugh it off
Ya diss anah worth ah reply
Mek mi give U a Bligh
At least u tried
Laugh it off
No word of a lie
We don’t c eye to eye
u on de ground
I am in de sky

Nuff time mi see de snake under grass yes
Cutter Glenz crasses
Behind dark glasses
Mi nah look past
Nah man Weh talk fast
Once de dice cast
Mi will kill a rasclaat
Member dis mi iz docta Murda
Surgery anah nuttin from have a brain tumor
So fuck what u heard wah
Hot menu mi serve up
Peppa soup inna yuh eyes
Haters get ya bread cup

Gwan Throw ah tantrum
Gwan sing a song son
Gwan Get off ya gun
Still dem cyant do me nun
Manna champion
Number 1
Check de out come
Hit and run
Dema Zero mi iz de one

Laugh it off
Ya diss anah worth ah reply
Mek mi give U a Bligh
At least u tried
Laugh it off
No word of a lie
We don’t c eye to eye
u on de ground
I am in de sky

Here is the second one

I guess this is gonna make u guys catch an iceberg coz this is what it originally would have done but then BlackBird Inboxed me n begged me to go soft on her man lol anyway for the sake of spicing up Duses ego n fuelling his self driven beef here’s what I’m not gonna record anymore coz I feel sorry for him…

AlkaNemo – MrMekNoise
2015 WKBOM

Yo magician, tell mi how some
Bwoy who’s greatest achievement
Is to fuck my baby’s momma gonna
Start lippin off bout him know fe done I n I?
Dem bwoy Mossi brain fry
U know!

Pre verse….
Mek mi machine rise
Truth over lies
Ah mi u despise
Mi see seh unu smile
Is a Disguise
Mi nah go tell it twice
Blood spill over white rice
Bwoy mi nah nuttin nice
Roll de dice
Kill ratty n mice
Mek dem pay de price
Stab dem with dem owna knife
Weh dem stuck inna mi back
But cyant tek mi life
If ah war u wan look pon me
Fe yo suicide

MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
U nah have no cake
Not even crumbs offa slice
MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
U nah have nah lyrics
Jus a gimmick silence u ah voice
U too right / shut up alright
Ya only shot with a camera
Shutter sound flashlight
MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
Straight up DjDuse is a snitch no lie

Some bwoy gwan like katty
Mi suspek dem batty
Try play BlackBull dotty
Behind mi back chatty
See Dem ah fraud
Talk ahwhoolipa bad
Dem ah flop
Tell em cotton anah hard
Bet against the odds
Mi lyrics go tututututu
presidential guard
Sen Duse ah hospital ward
Without no health card
Follow up mi cyant tired
Poison I-vy nervous wreck
Watta fyah lawd

Street code, don’t talk bout my family
My career my grind n my pikni
Y the fuck u ah follow me
U Mossi batty cah mi see seh
Man yuh pree!!!

MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
U nah have no cake
Not even crumbs offa slice
MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
U nah have nah lyrics
Jus a gimmick silence u ah voice
U too right / shut up alright
Ya only shot with a camera
Shutter sound flashlight
MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
Straight up DjDuse is a snitch no lie

Talent anuh dressing up
All ya tune ah flop
U a socialite bop
My baby momma Weh u wife up
De only time Weh u gyangsta
Is pen Instagram n whatsapp
Coward cyant even face me
Fe a stage show
Becoz dem pussy know
Seh mi will bore ah hole
Inna yuh eye so
Don’t try test me no
Dissa nah no poppy show
Murda deadly yo

Pon riddim ah medley
Manna serious like robbery
Dr inna mi surgery
RudeBoi him a comedy
Mi radiate nuclear energy
Him suffer bad damage
For which there’s no remedy

MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
U nah have no cake
Not even crumbs offa slice
MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
U nah have nah lyrics
Jus a gimmick silence u ah voice
U too right / shut up alright
Ya only shot with a camera
Shutter sound flashlight
MrMekNoise / MrMekNoise
Straight up DjDuse is a snitch no lie

Pretty interesting, I will be doing a follow up on this through to the weekend. The songs are currently on Whatsapp doing rounds so , I will post them soon as I get them online. No I will not be forwarding them from my phone.

Mcpotar.Com Goes Beyond Talking About Zim Hip hop

This year I began the year with the theme of expanding and extending my territory. For the past 2 years I have been studying the metrics on Mcpotar.Com and trying to figure out what the public really wants to read versus what we try to impose upon them. So I started experimenting with a lot of content strategies I wouldn’t have done in past years and collaborating with bloggers on an international scale.

Mcpotar-Myke Pimp and KlasiqI would like to call, the new approach I am about to implement, “Mainstreaming”. This is where we talk about other issues other than Hip-hop and it has managed to generate more interest from people who do not pay attention to local Hip-hop actually. A number of them end up clicking on the Hip-hop articles after maybe reading something like the To Marry List which went viral and had even been duplicated by some websites without my permission. I had to ask them to take them down.

On the other hand I am still giving industry tips but this year I decided to interview real lufe examples such as Begotten Sun and Spencer Madziya. A true story always gets the message accross better because people actually see that it can be done. Again these stories are meant to benefit even non music business people. We are divorcing from creating a blog for artistes to read about other artistes. We want very much our audiences to spread into the general public.

I have been accused consistently of being out of character for posting content that had no drop of Hip-hop in it but I guess it’s because many readers didn’t yet see how this was actually a boost for Zim Hip-hop. I will continue to have a lot of content which attracts the audience we need for Hip-hop, this is still very much a Hip-hop site.

November To Come Alive With “The Street My Runway”

Nobuhle Nyoni, the director of Encore Productions announced that the start up will be holding an event under the the theme “The Street My Runway”  (TSMR). The exhibit will be held on the 7th of November, 20 15 at 1+1 Longcheng Plaza from 5-9pm and entrance will be $5. Fashion lovers have been told to “expect the unexpected”.

The Streets

The hashtag #TSMR has been floating on twitter and several social media platforms, you may have come across it. The TSMR initiative is a great idea for prooting budding talent in the Fashion industry, and in reality Zimbabwe needs such home grown talent so that we cut down on importing capitalistic foreign brands. Innovative ideas from local start-ups such as Encore Productions are in line with the idea of indegenisation and love for homegrown brands. Of course, many designers are inspired by what established countries like France have done Which is okay, looking at where we have been.


I reached out to the Ms.Nyoni and she said, “Our fashion show aims to showcase and give a platform to talented young designers of whom most are students and upcoming, therefore we are trying to give them a foundation to gain exposure as it is a bit difficult to break out in the fashion industry in Zimbabwe.”


She further warned that because of the title the title, there is a tendency for people to assume that the show is confined to street, however this is not case with the November 7 event. In her words rephrased the show is a walk into a designers closet and into their mind and creativity . It is evoke real emotion of their brand and not just a trend. Gazing at the pictures on the Encore Productions Facebook page, I could sense the presence of a any designers and a lot of preparation is being done to make it a stellar event. Encore productions declined revealing the identity of guests and designers but simply said, “Fashion will be there.”


“This show is unique in its simplicity. What we wish to have is people’s attention on the clothing and brands. To have people talk about the talents in each person. Let me just say all shall DROWN IN FASHION,” Nobuhle went on to say.

The show is a great plce to eet and interact with a lot of new designers. Go there well prepared for an exciting experience.

You may confirm your attendance at the event via the Facebook Event Page.