Viral Video On Zim 15 billion Reaches 25,000 views in hours

The King of Shona vernac Hip-hop is now about to become the King of viral videos after dropping an online viral video on his Facebook profile, which easily accumulated 25,000 views and above 792 shares within 20 hours, with no sponsored advert.

The video shows Noble Stylz in actual tears over the missing 15 billion dollars in Zim. It is funny as hell no wonder it has made virality with no sponsorship. (read full story on New Zimbabwe to understand)

Noble Stylez, as he is known in rap circles is a modern philosopher and he regularly delivers witty polical satire to lighten the stress that we face as a corrupt third world country. He has always attracted massive responses in him status updates but 25,000 is mainstream success. Perhaps that’s what he m,eant in R.Peel’s “Usazvifurire” when he claimed to have more presence than hip-hop shows he gets interviews on.

Well that’s his more pompus side. You can expect it from the masvingo born emcee who has over the years given us 3 solid projects Masofa Panze 1 to 3, silencing critics and gatekeepers. Is he now taking the same stance, politically? Is it a safae move.

Well i must reveal that he has a show called Sound Of silence, which will have more intense political and social satire. He also has made comedy out of religious trends in his recent offering with the beautiful Blacperl.

Ungovernable, unstoppable… 25,000 views. I am awed. Watch it here

The Most Pompous Status Mcpotar Has Ever Written

This is known as the most pompous status update Mcpotar has ever written.


Warning!!! – This posts contains a lot of pompous statements…
I hate being disturbed by trivia when I am trying to create HISTORICALLY relevant art… see I am the first ZIM HIP-HOP artiste to have his own Comic Strip… that’s HISTORICALLY relevant. In 2013, I animated my own Video. Sure there were some animated Zim vids before me…
That’s why I don’t like being disturbed when am busy making HISTORY. The only way some people will appear in History is by dissing me.. they will be written as “The guy who the first Zim Hiphopper with a Comic Strip ignored”.
See when you interact with Kings you have a fair chance of being written in History but it wont always be in a good way. Just imagine how Briss Mbada is to appear in Cal_Vin’s Biography, then imagine Cal_Vin in Breezy’s Bio… Noble will bring the sad part of Tatea’s biography etc… lol.
Even this very status will go down in History as the most pompous status I ever wrote… SEE… we make HISTORICALLY relevant statements.‪#‎GoForTheWiFi‬

Here is my 2013 animation, My Struggle

Official Winners of The First Changamire Hip Hop Festival Awards (2016)


Taken from Zimboy broadcast…

These awards were based fully on what was happening at Changamire Hip Hop Festival 2015 all 12 shows….Which artist was the most captivating perfomer,most talked about on the pages & articles,which musik was being played by the deejays,biggest album @Changamire
1.Best Male
T Gonz
Briss Mbada
Guluva 7
Noble Styles

Winner : Noble Styles (Masofa Panze)

2.Best Female
Miss Kiddy
Sheila K Young
Geezy Foxie

Winner : Miss Kiddy (Bad Gurl)

3.Song of the year
Zvenyu – T Gonz
Harare Hucci – Briss Mbada
Mastandards – P Mulla ft Anonzi Xndr & Ishy X
Daza to Topola – Guluva 7 ft Cal_vin
KeSummer – Poy Ft Mc Chita

Winner: Harare Hucci – Briss Mbada

4. Best Producer
Yung Stun
Anonzi Xndr
Tash Mwanawamai
The Hitmen

Winner : Tash Mwana Wamai (Studio Felonies)

5. Best BeatBox
Marvin Halo
Raheem Beats

Winner: Probeats

6. Best Dance
Sean Ace
Almost Twins
Real Flex
Drifta & Devante

Winner : Mixxy

7.Best Radio DJ

Mc Chita
Emmity Smooth

Winner : Mc Chita (ZiFm The Fixx)

8. Best Hip Hop Group

Ishy X & Foster
Studio Felonies
Team Bhoo
Team Mumabahwe

Winner : Team Bhoo

9. Best Brand Supporting Changamire

Zim Hip Hop Report
The Fixx – Zi-F.M
Creative Ideas
Mc Potar Blog

Winner : Creative Ideas

10. Peoples Choice

Miss Kiddy
Bry Three Sixty
T gonz
Mzoe 7
Briss Mbada
Noble Styles

Winner : T Gonz (Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto)

Congradulations to the 1st C.H.H.F.A Nominees & Winners

ShoutOut to all the support & those who attended the Event


ChangamireHipHopFestivalMarketingTeam & Executive
HOSTS – Mc Chita & ZimGirl Lizz
Guest of Honor – Dzikamai Chibaya
Stage Management – Monalisa & J Cole
Creative Ideas
The Family Entertainment
Newsday,ZiF.m & The Herald for the continued support
Not Foggeting All Artists & Fans

##Spread the message##


0775 161 555

Changamire Hip Hop Festival


###February Festival registration in progress simply inbox twitter & Facebook Changamire pages###

Powered By Zim Hip Hop Awards

Zim Hip-hop Awards 2015 – Winners and Event Review

Zim Hip-hop is alive and well. The Zimbabwe Hip-hop awards urned out to be a success, with great attendence, event coordination and security in place at Longchen Plaza Club 1+1. Creatives from different categories emerged victors in the awards as they got acknowledged in their categories.

From the red carpet to beautiful ladies clad in black dresses to welcome guests and nominees I’d say Platinum Entertainment, Zimboy and Beefy put work in to create the event we have been looking for. Team Bho’s DJ Tawaz announced to us that he finally graduated at MSU to be a marketer and that we should find him a job. He came dressed in a graduation gown but later was wearing something else.

The only disruption made was Briss Mbada disruptin Cal_Vin’s moment for Best Male claiming he deserved it better. However the security was able to remove him off stage, before he later returned to make the claim after Guluva 7 took Best Newcomer. It was generally Cal_Vin and Ti Gonzi year as Ti Gonzi also too Best Freestyle and Song of the year. Prior to that he had performed to a resoundingly receptive crowd.


Later the battle came through and Ti Gonzi slaughtered arch rival Ishy X. Ti Gonzi had so much support that people jumped onto the stage to congratulate him before security removed them. Ti Gonzi was mainly in the company of Team Bho which had come with different attires for the event. Here are the champions for 2015 I congratulate them. The design of the new awad is a fantastic ornament one can hang in their house.

Best Male : Calvin
Best Female : Blacperl
Best Video : Nastro
Best online media :The Lounge
Best Tv Journalist :Prometheus
Song of the Year :Skhupani by Calvin
Best Collabo : Ti Gonzi and Baller
Best Beat Boxer : Pro Beats
Best Dressed : Mudiwa Hood
Producer of The Year : Anonzi Xnder
Best Freestyler :Ti Gonzi
Best Newcomer :Guluva 7


For hopefuls who didn’t make it, the competitive spirit is still on and stronger as the awards rebrand and improve yearly. Never quit just keep doing what you were called to do with no jealousy or hate. Please follow my twitter @Mcpotar on twitter.

The Potar-dent Of Zimbabwe Calls For Peaceful Awards

The Head of taste of Hip-hop and Editor In Chief of Zimbabwe hip-hop blogs, Potar-dent Mupotaringa has urged the hip-hop community to be well behaved in todays Hip-hop awards. The awards are at their fifth Anniversary and will be held at 1+1 Club at Long Cheng Plaza.

” I hope the misunderstandings between my Hip-hop family Ti Gonzi and Ishy X, Masofa Panze and Rehab remain verbal and artistic. We wouldn’t want a situation where there are violent confrontations because journalists will be there to add to what AHHB already said in the “Zim Hip-hop Postmorten”. It will then only become official if we behave badly at the award show and being the 5th Edition people will just give up on us. Five years of failing to put up an indisputable show. – I urge you not to even test each other and I say this as a person who has read much about PR. We can’t deny that there are divisions and we hate each other here and there but lets be nice kids in front of people today.” he said

This was in relation to an earlier call out of Noble Stylz by Anonzi Xndr which provoked a response from the former.


On your daily posts you say “you practice what you preach”, “you do as you say”…but it has come to my knowledge that you were nominated in the best freestyle category but “pulled out”…for the good of the genre Im calling you out NOBLE STYLES (Prince Butawo Noble)

Participate for the growth of the genre, show your followers that you can go head to head with the others, in one of your recent songs you did say “certain studios are for quitters”…show us that you’re not a quitter. This is my first call as host of the category, you have till end of day to change your mind, my 2nd call shall come when I’m on stage.

‪#‎zimhiphopawards2015‬ ‪#‎truth‬” – Anonzi Xndr said.

Noble later woke up to respond with the text quoted below.


After waking up to a tagged post from u..I just had to return the favour..#1 My battle career goes down further than your HairLine I have done this for over 10years AND NEVER LOST ONCE…dnt let me remind u on how I destroyed your MMT like it was NOTHING…honestly it was nothing..3rappers?That’s nothing to me I BATTLE CITIES.

Back to the story of the day,The reason I am not kiking some at the AWARDS is SIMPLE…its like being asked to Perform at a show u nt BOOKED FOR…but the promoter just wrote your name…I felt seriously DISRESPECTED because I DDNT SUBMIT MY FORM meaning I ddnt want to participate otherwise Masofa Panze 3 should have been on BEST ALBUM…Masofa panze on Best Clique prolly also nominated for best male..but NAH….I ddnt want no award..I entittled Blacperl to handle 2015 and that girl SOLD MORE COPIES MORE THAN TOTAL ALBUM COPIES FROM YOUR ENTIRE STUDIO.

So nw u trying to be a dick by tryna get bek at me for everything u lost in the past will MAKE ME DESTROY U TONIGHT…GO AHEAD CALL MY NAME…The organisers will blame u for what I will do next…LOOKING FOWARD TO IT…I AM THAT BEAST…TRY ME ‪#‎BeastMode‬” – Noble Stlyz

Whilst this has attracted a lot of excitement around social media by people who love to see beefs. The end results may not serve the image of hip-hop in the collective pie. It’s much like when Hakeem stood up to denounce the Pee Kay award. We loved the move as heads but the stories in major papers the next day painted hip-hop as disorganized despite the fact that the rest of that night had gone well.

“I am a fan of Ishy X, Ti Gonzi, Masofa Panze and Rehab by virtue of being a music curator. It hurts me everytime to see them test each other in ways that may go beyond the booth. I love battles… but may they remain artistic.” – Potar-dent

Hopefully the two-camps make resolutions in their inboxes and we manage to have peaceful awards this year. I guess if Noble has reasons for not battling, he may not be obliged to do so and if Ti Gonzi and Ishy X are to battle may it also remain artistic no matter who wins. Where there is beer, women around and tension, egos erupt and I thought it was best to forewarn people before they act in the moment.


Are We Ready To Celebrate Zim Hip-hop Made in 2015?

Are we ready to celebrate Hip-hop on the 10th of December 2015? We have already seen and debated about the nominees and if you love Hip-hop as much as I do you will realize that this is a very important event, especially with the major upgrades made this year to improve the ceremony.

Some may already have cried into buckets, typed 4 page rants and spat at the screen before posting, cursed the nominees…. because this event is so important that we all want to be a part of it don’t we? The good part is, those who really understand Hip-hop in maturity realize the ceremony is for them and not against them.

Hip-hop artistes from around Zimbabwe will be crowned for work and effort they have put in to cultivate the Zim Hip-hop culture of Zimbabwe.  Zim Hip-hop devotees from around the globe will be glad to see this happen. These awards are in their fifth year and have survived to become even stronger despite what the critics say.  They have undoubtedly increased the interest in the genre as it finds it’s way into public domain news whenever they happen. When Zim Hip-hop Administrator Sean Campbell spoke to Sunday Mail he assured that the best measuress where done to perfect the process.

Boss Spencer’s Platinum Entertainment which champions urban genres merged with the old administration to make sure all things run smoothly and the awards are worth your time.

So yes we expect everybody to come there looking clean, dressed up in the swag we always hear about in Hip-hop. The pretty girls, chains, beads and snapbacks. Whatever you’re rocking on that night Long Cheng 1+1 will have a place for you for just $10. You can alternatively show off your “John Bhuru’ness” by getting the premium $20 ticket. Awards offices are currently at The Volt (former Book Cafe, next to Holiday Inn, along Samora Machel). Long Cheng 1+1 has a beautiful set-up with excellent lighting to suit the high end nature of Hip-hop.

Hip-hop even in The United States where it finds it’s roots has never been about desperation, even in between bars about struggle there is a place for that bling because we are African Kings. Come and shine with everybody from all corners of our culture, revellers and entertainers alike. Take pics with Cal_Vin, throw a peace sign with Tehn Diamond and get Amard’s number (make sure she doesn’t ask you to lose it). Take pictures, take pictures and take pictures.

** I heard this year there’s a stage that will swallow anyone who tries to pull a Kanye, like Hakeem did in 2014. **

Let’s get rid of naysay, jealousy, negative energy and resentment. Zimbabwe it’s time to build our culture and congratulate our brothers. Everybody , the nominees, fans, artistes and Zimbabwe wins by focusing on the collective pie.

The most fun part about Awards is their unpredictable nature, anyone can win or lose so come with that adrenalin, but no smashing bottles at each other if your team doesn’t make it. Like I said, we all win in the collective pie.

Hope to see you there. Zim Hip-hop Awards 2015


13 Of My Favourite Zim Hip-hop Songs In 2015

The year has almost come to an end, well of course there are still more hip-hop songs to be released before we finish off. However it wouldn’t hurt if I told you the songs that I enjoyed this year. Here are 20 of my favorite songs for 2015 in Zim Hiphop. Note that this article will not contain links to any of these.

  1. John BhuruGze ft. Alka Nemo & Yung Red : The song is powerful and I love the hook and grind mentality it endorses, in fact as I write this list it is playing in the background. Reminds me of Rick Ross’ Hustling track back in the day.
  2. Yohwe – Sharky : This young guy has bars for days & I’ll tell you that with every jam he has a masterpiece but as far as the one that stays in my playlist Yohwe makes the cut.
  3. Bhero – Ishy X and Foster : I’m sure this one may be in the playlists of many, Bhero just spoke the reality of where we used to get our swag before the Government banned used clothes. The beat, the vibe and everything.
  4. Zvenyu – Ti Gonzi ft. Baller : Yes of course I listen to both Ti Gonzi and Ishy X. It’s their beef not mine…. Baller had an illy verse on that as well. Heavy production I must say.
  5. Hatiko Ikoko – Prophecy : Recently released track by Prophecy. It’s Christian Rap you can turn up to. You will agree with me when you get your hands on it.  Just had to put it here.
  6.  S.N.D.R – Asaph – A song produced by a Charlie Zimbo, recently released by Bulawayo’s own Asaph. Loving the vibe.
  7. Earth Quake – GT Flykidd : Yet another lethal Ndebele rapper. Most of you only know Cal_Vin, perhaps a bit of Guluva 7, but Bulawayo holds more than you finally get in the mainstream. GT Flykidd is a fly-kid to look out for as far as Ndebele Rap is concerned.
  8. Nyarara – Marcques : He did right on this one, I loved the execution and delivery. A few subliminals hit my Superman vest but a dope jam nevertheless. Playlist that
  9. Ghetto – T1 Wema1 ft. Ishy X – I love this jam, it’s one of the tracks that made me love the Inzwa album. There is so much undeniable reality in T1’s words.
  10.  Ventilation 1 – Cashbid : I don’t care what you all think but I love that track, it was brilliantly executed. Definitely on my playlist.
  11. Bad Gurl – Miss Kiddy – I like Miss Kiddy’s delivery personally so tough my playlist is male dominated. Miss Kiddy managed to make it through.
  12. Where Did King Go – R.Peels ft. Yung Red : Beautiful instrumental married to didactic lyrics. The song was a masterpiece. Krimz on that beat.
  13. Kusvika Rinyure – Noble Stylz & Quounfuzed : My appreciation for this song increased after the visuals. I gamble with The System and this one but I think this one takes the cup.

Take time to search for these gems. You will enjoy yourself. Most of all buy Zim Hip-hop and lets build this culture together. Please follow me on instagram and facebook. Look for @Mcpotar.

Behind The Ishy X and Ti Gonzi Hip-hop Beef

A few weeks ago we saw T1 Wema1 repost two screenshots from 2 big lyrical battle rappers, Ti Gonzi and Ishy X and it wasn’t looking good. The post revealed that there is rivalry between the 2 and it is not a sporty beef from what I see. I set out to investigate what this is all about. I love to give opinions but with such matters it’s about getting views from both sources.

In a brief interview with Ishy X, when I asked how he and Ti Gonzi went from dropping freestyle clips together under Xndr’s  Team Rehab, Ishy X replied, ” Rehab has got a lotta artistes, I never really noticed Ti Gonzi. You can never fall out if you never stood together.”

On the other hand Ti Gonzi accused Ishy X of being jealous of him. He also revealed that they had a near-violent confrontation at Sphynx and claims that Ishy X was not amused by his admiration for the Team Bho hustle. Apparently that’s when a scuffle began.

“I was just talking to guys and he was like, “Wakubhohwa nenyaya ye Team Bho,” (You are now annoying us, with the team bho issue).” Ti Gonzi says. He also claims to have been forced to admit that his inspiration was Ishy X, “He was forcing me to admit that he inspires me, I refused ’cause he doesn’t then he started beating my chest, he has been attacking me on Social Media saying he wants to battle me and that I don’t deserve the best freestyle award that I won last year.”

Well it seems like whatever happened with the punchline King and Zvenyu hitmaker is not a simple case. They evidently hate each others guts right now yet they are some of the most lyrically dope punch-liners in Zimbabwean Hip-hop. In my opinion Ti Gonzi break out from Team Rehab during the “hatitambwe idzodzo” misunderstanding partly led to this.  Rehab emcees that were once cool broke away and took sides.

This has escalated into a potentially violent beef.

“Put two male lions in the same cage and they will eat each other. It’s just sad that Ti Gonzi is the weaker lion,” – Ishy X said with humour. Ishy X elaborated that he is ready to battle rap Ti Gonzi at the Zim Hip-hop awards and officially reign over him.

“…It’s going to be an epic battle where only one man is going to be left standing.” – Ishy X

“I am a freestyle rapper bro, before the hits I was a battle rapper. At the awards we gonna go with the judges requirements, but I would love a rap battle with him, just that we need security caus he hates me and has been violent before.” – Ti Gonzi

There you have it we await fireworks at the Zim Hip-hop Awards 2015. Hopefully this time there will be artistic and peaceful confrontation as we seek to build hip-hop more and more.

Please follow @Mcpotar on twitter.

Zim Hip-hop Awards 2015 – The Real Nominees List

Well over the past weeks you’ve probably come across a fake Zim Hip-hop Awards Nominees list. Well here is the real one as taken from my friends at Zimbuzz. Shout out to Michael Shoko!


Best Video

Hey wena -ThabbzftCal_Vin

Handivhundustwe -Nastro

Harare Hairarwe-Mike pimp

Mare-gT Beats

Tambisa-Tricky j


Best Female

Icy murda

Miss Kiddy




Best Album

T1 Wema1 – Inzwa

Guluva Seven– Colour of Dreams

BrissMbada– BrissMbadaNdeuyo

Cal_Vin – Year ofThe Vin

Mudiwa – MwanawaMambo


Best Collaboration

Peekayft Busy Signal- Show me love

BlackpearlftStunner,Noble Styles – They do thega remix

Ti Gonzift BallerMandizha-Zvenyu

Kidd AktiveftCal_Vin&Gze

Bry Three Sixty – Konzereza


Best Group


Art Department

Ishy X and Foster

Team Bho

Red Monkey Nation


Best Male



Bry Three Sixty




Best New Comer

Mike Pimp


Guluva 7


T 1 Wema1


Best Producer






Best Diaspora

Kapital K




Gigi Lamain


Song Of the year

Trea Yung-Ndikoko

T-gonzi- Zvenyu

Cal_vin – Zikhupani

Maskiri –Africa

Blackpearl- They do thega(remix)


Best Club Dj

Dj Carter

Cranki Trixx

T Fresh

T.K beats

Linsay the dude


Best Radio Dj

Emmitty Smooth

Mc Chita





Best Journalist(tv)



Best Journalist (print)




Professor Fred Zindi



Best Media (online)

The Lounge –Kronic


African Hip Hop Blog


Best Underground

Demitire& Scarecrow


Doc Freezy




Best Dance crew


Real Flex


Lethal Fam

Super Geeks


Best Freestyle Award

Noble Styles

T Gonz


Ishy X

Doc Freezy


PeoplesChoice :Whatsapp Voting line 077 8 243 243,Deadline 8 December

Tehn Diamond

Mudiwa Hood




Trae Yung


T – Gonz



I see that a lot of ranting is about to take place.

Bulawayo Fashion Comes Alive On Saturday 21 November

Litso Fashion Label owned by a very talented entrepreneur Annie Maliki never seems to run out of creative ideas. This Saturday they explore a new concept inspired by the urban legend, Jane The Ghost. Jane, was thought to be a ghost who was notorious for offering men sexual pleasures at night and well, truth or myth – it is a common Bulawayo story.

The show is happening at Hope Centre on Saturday 21 November from 6pm to 8pm.

“The show is all about showcasing Litso’s imagination on what Jane the ghost would have probably worn whilst wooing man, ” a smiling Annie told Mcpotar.Com in an interview. The show will focus on the designs of Litso and word has it a Movie on Jane The Ghost is actually being made by Lenni Mdawini’s Ya-Sibo? Media which is working hand to hand with Miss Maliki. Late last year, Annie Maliki was part of Ya-Sibo’s debut movie “Qiniso” which filled Bulawayo Movie houses despite a few critics.

They have not gone back and this years Fashion Showcase will have Ntando Van Moyo as the MC, so you must expect to crack your ribs in laughter. Enque, Ricco Andrews and Black Sheep are also preparing to give the crowd phenomenal performances. So you can have fashion, music, social, comedy and food in the same night. Perhaps a few drinks with friends to keep the night alive.

Gentleman just be careful not to take Jane Home.