Brythreesixty Drops Gospel Hip-hop Tag As Cashbid Drops Diss

So much happening in local hip-hop, I had to sit down to write this update. As you may already know, Cashbid and Brythreesixty beef has escalated to mic level with, Cashbid dropping Ventilation 2 in honour of Brythreesixty.

Cashbid this week vowed that he would drop Ventilation 2 if Brythreesixty had not made a public apology to him. Brythreesixty then indicated Cashbid as being a hater who controlled the underground media to be relevant so he refused to yield. Going on to air a post that insinuated this blog as working for people who hate Christianity. After I had dialogue with him the post was later taken down but the beef with Cashbid Didn’t die down.

Today Cashbid unleashed Ventilation 2, a few hours later Brythreesixty posted his resignation from Christian Hip-hop it’s as follows. You can download it here 

Dear CHH

Hope this letter finds you blessed and well , my heart is in pain as I write this letter.

Moving on the pressure has been so much on me and I haven’t been sleeping well lately because of this.
I would like to thank every CHH artist , the Gospel Artist that had my back in the past years, I respect every artist in the genre and I respect your call for me to drop the label.
Iam sorry for being the black sheep in the family, there has been a lot of blogging about me and groups chats , screen shots, sneak dissing, open shots fired, diss tracks, and some told me that I should drop the tag Gospel Rap and Christian rap and I think its true coz they heard my recent jams konzeresa , shay baii , nantsi pata pata and my collaborations with secular. Some are in the booth as we speaking making diss song .
A lot has been said bout me and I think its time I as iam an ordinary artist with no label,
Sorry Gospel Rap I think iam no longer your artist now, now doing what God wants me to do , iam not denouncing God or dropping Jesus Christ iam still a Christian I read my bible.
Hope you will understand , my content will expand, but my heart will not change.

Yours Brythreesixty (Mind the Grammar English is my fourth language)

I personally feel that if Brythreesixty feels this way he should actually listen to his heart and we shouldn’t judge him. It took a lot of courage and thinking for him to get to such a deciscion, as he said he still is very much a Christian. I guess then he will reply the Cashbid diss, now that the tag is off.

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