Alexio Kawara Drops “Nehana” – Speaks On 2016 Album

Harare – Alexio Kawara, one of Zimbabwe’s most progressive Afro Jazz acts has risen from his sabbatical and dropped an offering which has been dominating Zimabwean mainstream radio titled “Nehana”. A melodious offering off his upcoming album which is scheduled for the release towards the end of the first quarter of the year.


Artwork by Tirivashe Mundondo
Artwork by Tirivashe Mundondo

He has maintained his mellow, laid back sound. The live instrumentation is married to to the vocals. He did not disappoint. The great work can be accredited to the team he worked with. Nehana was produced at Harmony Studios by Cornelius “3D” Muponda who also did the piano. Frank Muvhimiri strummed the guitar with Enock Piroro on the bass. Making it a pleasant project to work on for Roy Zuka the recording engineer  and Keth Farquharson who worked on the mixing and mastering.

The message?

The song is generally about support from a loved one in times of pleasure and pain. The message is that he feels more secure in the presence of that individual and fears not when trouble comes. A spiritually emotional sound, especially the instrumentation at the end as he allows the music to speak on it’s own. The keys are life.

“The next album is influenced by the different music from Africa which has been dominating the airwaves. Expect a little bit of everything but with an Alexio identity,” Alexio said.

Alexio Kawara had a massive rebranding years ago when “Shaina” became  a radio anthem. He was detached from the frowned upon “Urban Grooves” tag and considered an Afro-Jazz artiste. His performances also began to include more live instrumentation and was attended by high end and more mature audiences. He has always emphasized on hard work and quality and last year he spoke on piracy (we responded here).

In order for the quality to persist a lot of hard work and planning go into place. People who have pirated the music have stolen from the future of Zimbabwean music such as Alexio’s.  These are the same people that have obviously scoffed at the lives of artistes as being mediocre and threw rocks at award shows, yet they continually steal from what would have made those avenues sustainable.

Alexio Kawara’s passion and drive has not been killed, he only has come out stronger and encouraged the public to support his God given gift.

“Fans can support by buying original CDs and merchandise not pirated copies. The team puts a lot of effort in creating the good music and it costs a lot to put an album of such magnitude together so we would like people to respect our work and every other musician’s work by purchasing original CDs.” – Alexio Kawara

The album will be available on all online stores that matter. He revealed that locally they would be available on CD’s in certain stores and during his shows. No one can pirate the experience of a show. I can already imagine the reassurance of burning my stress off whilst listenig to this live in the city.

“Current single Nehana. It’s a song written whilst still recovering from my accident in 2014.” – He said.

Stream the song freely on Soundcloud and don’t forget to vote for it.


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