Acie Lumumba Should Drop A Mixtape Under Xndr

Lumumba, Lumumba, Lumumba… as a rule of thumb one has to say that 3 times to get it right. Say it with me, “Lumumba Lumumba Lumumba”, the only politician with a stage name and “Kanye-cteristic” publicity stunts.

We starting to think that he dropped his own sex-tape. I’m not saying he did, but he seems like someone who would just to stay in your news feed. Well we are thinking… Mixtape should drop next.

Lumumba made videos spewing rhetoric about corruption and government. Well edited stuff. This brought a lot of attention to him.

A sextape was later leaked with him in it, and people who watched it said it was not a disappointment like Tino Katsande’s. So that’s a plus… more attention to him.

Lumumba disappeared during the saga only to resurface with a political party named Viva and he did a press conference to launch it where he cussed the president with the dreadful F word. This some found hilarious, he is probably the first man ever to say that on record. So more attention to the guy.

Got arrested, did a poster so we could come and support the court case. Well it didn’t go so well. Still people spread the poster around as it was humorous. He got more attention.

And today Lumumba in his hearing used the F word un-repentantly in the court of law. He also went on to insult the president of Zimbabwe again. It made the news so that’s more attention.

He told the court that “I understand the charges they are placing before me………….F*** you is a word used to express feelings and it can mean different things depending on the situation ,for example I can say this court room is fucken full or I am fucken tired ”

I sense a political Kanye West here. I sense a guy who’s publicity machine is to trigger the things that drive clicks and views. This guy is about 27 years of age (going on 28). He has worked at radio before and his video skills prove that he knows content. Quite a great orator as well.

I do not support his little party, but a mixtape from him might just rock a party.

I swear with such a social media presence, Lumumba would make a good independent Hip-hop artiste. I will be surprised if he cannot spit bars. We have many Ghostwriters here and perhaps he could record with Xndr to boost the guys life a bit. Xndr has been going through so much humiliation after his break up with Zaleekah, he could do with signing Lumumba.

Both of them have numerous memes against them and people love to hate Xndr.

I don’t know what they would call it. “The Viva Mixtape Vol. 1” or “Dig Deeper” or perhaps, “Lumumba Lumumba Lumumba”, but it would definitely make more downloads than your average.

You have to say it three times.

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