3 Mindsets That Strangle Zim Entertainment

The Endowment Mindset

The endowment effect is a term in psychology and behavioural economics that describes the tendency of people to value something they own higher than it really costs.

In other words someone with a phone valued by others at $97 may in his mind expect it to really cost $110 merely because it’s his; probably he has an emotional attachment to it. It cannot possibly be of less value in his mind.

Now applying that to local entertainment. Everybody thinks their junk is bigger than yours right? They crew makes the best music and thus if a person they like or nknow is nominated and doesn’’t win the award, they do not celebrate with the one who won.

They feel robbed.

I’d say, Asaph’s ccontroversial tweet against Sharky’s award win was just the endowment effect in play. Asaph is not a bad guy; he is just a normal human being who follows predictable behavioural traits.

However the danger of the endowment effect is that:

  • It causes us to over-rate ourselves.
  • It causes us to disregard other people successes

Otherwise the general mindset here is. “Your smusic can’t do better than mine, because my junk is bigger than yours.”

The Let’s Watch Mindset

In Zimbabwean entertainment when you begin on a project everyone seems quite happy for you. They give nothing but compliments but deep inside their hearts are not with you. This is proven by the way they spread with happiness any slight shortcoming or mistakes you encounter.

Evidently we’ve seen the public happy to see Xndr and Zaleekah in 2015, even making articles. The same public was happy to gossip and laugh about their temporary fall out in 2016. Wow, right.

The public was gad to hear that Stunner had an accident with aa brand new car. They were glad to hear malicious rumours about CST’s marriage, which turned out to be false.

This is because of a “let’s watch”  mindset. The moment you publicy anything good about your life, hustle or opportunities, they can’t wait to see that thing not work out.

The mentality is you can’t be better than I am because my junk is bigger than yours.

The Thermometer Mindset

A year ago I was working with Karoi and i happened to be picking the brain of an old school  lad who told me that, “Zimbabwean’s are thermometers, not thermostats.”

The basic metaphor was that, a thermometer identifies and records the temperature and leaves it at just that (Identifies the problem and does nothing). On the other hand the thermostat realizes the temperature but goes on to regulate it (Identifies a problem and solves it).

If you’ve been part of most entertainment forums on Social Media or even actual events, you will notice a trend of fault finding with very little action on implementing the solutions.

Everything always remains a theory.

People are good at pointing out what should be done but they seem not to apply it in their own modus.

They say, “A certain group/individual is doing it wrong.” But they have never contributed in real action what they say is the right method.

They enjoy their right to opinions so much with very little action. Perhaps 1they feel that their junk is bigger than yours.

This is not going to be a thermometer article

My suggested solutions are:

To curb the endowment effect’s effect on us, perhaps we should start taking genuine interest in each other’s music. Stunner’s rant, where he attacked Takura’s work is clear evidence that Stunner does not go home and actually take genuine, non-competitive interest in what others are offering.

He has previously said in other instances that, “Hapana baba vaangaakudza baba vepa next door.” (There is no father who will give props to the father next door)…. Well of course everyone thinks their junk is the biggest. But it’s really for girls who been around to compare. Likewise your music is for the fans to compare, all self praise is mere self stimulation).

Stop beating your own drum a bit. It needs external drummers.

Once you start minding your own business and actually working on your goals with a pure purpose you will cease to have the let’s watch mindset. These things are so related that yyou have to drop the ego driven endowment effect to actually care about your neighbours success.

You will not help propagate negativity about them true or false.1 You will just refuse to be involved in mockery or hate driven character assassination of another artiste.

Now there is a difference between people who spread damaging lies about aa fellow entertainment person and comedians. Comedian’s make premise about a story that has already propagated. They do not usually create the falsehoods.

Finally to beat the thermometer mindset, next time you see a problem that needs to be solved, ssolve it. Do not clutter Jah Prayzah’s youtube comment area with nonsense about how you would have done a better Diamond collabo if you had what he had.

The more your intentions become pure you will be happy for others in the industry and still feel successful in your own purpose.

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